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Are you a whiz in the kitchen?

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 Jul 05, 2018
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What is is quickly submerging vegetables in boiling water?

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What is a roux made of?
Egg and breadcrumbs
Water and egg
Butter and flour

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What does "au jus” mean?
Served with the natural juices cooked in
Cooked in wine
Cooked in lemon

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To "zest" a citrus fruit is to what?
Squeeze the fruit for its juice
Cut the fruit in half
Grate or scrape off part of the rind

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Liquid that is cooked down in order to be thickened has been what?

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What country is Gorgonzola from?

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Which of these vegetables is a flower?

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Which food additive is made from the bones and skin of animals?
Xanthan gum

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What food is usually poached?

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What salad dressing is named after a region in New York?
Green goddess
Thousand Island

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What does it mean to clarify something in cooking?
To follow a recipe to the letter
To separate and remove solids from a liquid
To understand the cooking process

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Adding salt makes water do what?
Boil slower
Boil faster

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What kind of foods do you cure in cooking?

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What's a sommelier?
A wine enthusiast/expert
A person who's specialty in sauces
A person who looks for edible mushrooms

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What does it mean to fillet something?
To broil it
To lightly fry it
To remove the bones from it

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How many tablespoons are in 1 cup?

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Pasta cooked al dente will be what?
Very firm
Slightly firm to the bite

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What kind of nuts are used in pesto?
Pine nuts
Peanuts | Quiz Facts

Are you a natural cook? Can you whip up a decent meal with very few ingredients? Or do you burn boiling water? Test your skills about working in the kitchen with this fun but challenging quiz.

We live in a world where prepackaged meals are the norm and cooking is becoming more of a lost art, but there are still folks that take pride in their cooking skills. Culinary shows, video and books are more popular than ever and a strong testament that, even in our busy world, a home cooked meal is where it's at.

Can you cook? Do you know how certain foods should be stored and cleaned before cooking? Do you know how to measure cups, grams, quarts, and liters? Do you know how to grate, blanch, sear, batter, caramelize, clarify, drizzle, or fillet? Do you know how cooking with meat differs from cooking with fish? Do you know how to make different sauces from "au jus, cream, or pesto? Do you know what it means to make bread rise or to render fats? If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, this is the quiz for you. Answer these 18 tough questions about everything from cooking practices to the origins and properties of certain foods. If you think you've got a culinary green thumb, grab your chef's hat, consult your recipes and cookbooks, pull out your kitchen utensils, and take this quiz. We're sure you'll not only ace it but whip up a delicious dish at the same time. Good luck!