Only College Grads Know All The Answers In This US History Quiz. Do You?

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Do you have a degree in America?

If you are an American history fanatic, you'll be able to answer these 18 challenging questions about the USA!

 Jul 14, 2018
1 of 18Choose Your Answer:
Which president was the only one elected after running unopposed?
Benjamin Franklin
George Washington
John Adams
2 of 18Choose Your Answer:
Which of these was NOT a member of the original Thirteen Colonies?
New York
3 of 18Choose Your Answer:
Who wrote the pamphlet "Common Sense"?
Thomas Paine
Patrick Henry
Paul Revere
4 of 18Choose Your Answer:
Which US state was attacked in WWII?
5 of 18Choose Your Answer:
_____ experienced a devastating earthquake in 1906.
San Francisco
6 of 18Choose Your Answer:
Who is the only US President to serve for three consecutive terms?
John Adams
Teddy Roosevelt
Franklin Roosevelt
7 of 18Choose Your Answer:
Who won the Battle of the Alamo?
The United States
8 of 18Choose Your Answer:
Who was the commander of the Union Army at the end of the Civil War?
Robert E. Lee
Ulysses S. Grant
Stonewall Jackson
9 of 18Choose Your Answer:
In what US city were many early automobiles manufactured?
Los Angeles
10 of 18Choose Your Answer:
In what state was the Wright Brothers' first flight?
North Carolina
11 of 18Choose Your Answer:
From what country did the US purchase the Louisiana territory?
The Netherlands
12 of 18Choose Your Answer:
______ war began in 1990
The Gulf War
The Vietnam War
The Korean War
13 of 18Choose Your Answer:
What was Georgia originally established as?
A debtors colony
A prison colony
A leper colony
14 of 18Choose Your Answer:
Who explored the Louisiana Purchase?
Lewis and Clark
Butch Cassidy
Daniel Boone
15 of 18Choose Your Answer:
Which country was responsible for the bombing at Pearl Harbor?
16 of 18Choose Your Answer:
What was the nickname that northerners were given by the Confederates during the Civil War?
17 of 18Choose Your Answer:
Who was the first man to walk on the moon?
Buzz Aldrin
John Glenn
Neil Armstrong
18 of 18Choose Your Answer:
The Boston Tea Party was _________.
A tax protest
A protest against slavery
A war protest
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Are you a college grad AND an American history buff? Do you know all there is to know about the wars waged with and in the US? Do you know all of the inventions and artistic works to come out of America throughout the ages? Do you get into long conversations about how history will continue to affect the world we live in for centuries to come? If you said "yes" to any of these questions, this is the quiz for you! To find out how much you know about American history and the events and people who shaped it over the past almost 250 years, take this challenging but fun quiz!

From Mayflower descendants to people who arrived yesterday, America has long been considered a destination for those seeking a better life. After almost 250 years in existence, America is LOADED with stories—from coast to coast, from sea to shining sea, of how the colonies were formed and how the west was won. If you have a passion for the United States, and a high IQ to match, you've come to the right place! It's just about that time to sit back, relax, access your American history memory banks and answer these 18 questions about a range of historical subjects from geography and pop culture to language and medicine throughout country's lifetime. Not only will you have loads of fun, you'll probably learn something, too. Good luck with your fun and exciting journey into America's rich past!