Car Lingo - It's A Thing. How Many Of These Words Do You Know?

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 Dec 20, 2018

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What is a car component that mixes the fuel and the air?

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What does ABS stand for?
Anti-Lock Brakes
Anti-Lock Bonnet
Anti-Brake System

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What is a car with a foldable or retractable roof called?

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What does 4WD stand for?
Four Way Drive
Four Way Dimmers
Four Wheel Drive

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What are air-filled cushions that deploy immediately in the event of an accident called?
Car pillows
Safety bags

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What are two types of brakes?
Drum and air
Disc and drum
Disc and pump

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What is antifreeze also known as?

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What does GPS stand for?
Gear positioning system
Global positioning system
Global power system

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A unit of measurement equal to 550 foot pounds per second used to describe the power of a vehicle's engine is called:

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Lubricant that reduces wear and tear on an engine's moving parts is called:
Transmission fluid

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PSI stands for:
Power per square inch
Pounds per square inch
Pounds per system ignition

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How much air is in a vehicle's tires is known as tire:

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The VIN number on a car:
Tells the speed the vehicle is going
Measure vehicle fuel
Identifies the vehicle

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When fuel is injected directly into the engine instead of mixing it with air before it reaches the intake valve passage its known as the:
Dynamic Fuel Injection
Direct Fuel Injection
Distant Fuel Injection

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This is produced by a moving object as it displaces the air in its path.
Aerodynamic speed
Aerodynamic drag
Aerodynamic motion

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To slide out of control on a wet road surface is called what?

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When brakes lose their effectiveness due to overheating and over-use it is known as:
Brake fade
Brake down
Brake fail

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Gasses that are expelled from the muffler pipe are known as:
Toxic emissions
Standard emissions
Exhaust emissions
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