Buckeye Lingo - It's A Thing. How Many Of These Words Do YOU Know?

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How well do you know The Heart Of It All?

Are you from Ohio? If you're a resident or just love the Buckeye state, show what you know by answering questions about Ohio slang!

 Oct 06, 2018

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What do Ohioans call sugary, carbonated beverages like Pepsi?

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If you're having guests over later, you might want to get the ______ out beforehand so the carpet looks presentable!

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What are the "Three Cs"?
Cincinnati, Canton, Columbus
Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus
Cincinnati, Cleveland, Cuyahoga

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And which city is known as "The Queen City"?

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You're meeting friends at "B-Dubs" to watch the game. Which restaurant is this?
Buffalo Wild Wings
Five Guys

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What does "you're fine" mean in Ohio?
Go away
No worries
You're sexy

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'Bring your ______ so that we can go to the gym later!"
Tennis shoes

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What does a "boot" describe?
The trunk of a car

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You've definitely have heard some people pronounce "wash" as:

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What team's fans say "Who Dey"?
The Cleveland Indians
The Cleveland Caveliers
The Cincinnati Bengals

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What does it mean if you mow your cheeseburger?
Add all the special Buckeye toppings
Drop it on the ground
Eat it really quickly

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What is "The Jake"?
Ohio Stadium
FirstEnergy Stadium
Progressive Field

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What type of food is a "buckeye"?
A candy/dessert
A potato dish
A loaded cheeseburger

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What does "put that up" mean in Ohio?
To hang it up
To put something away
To throw it in the trash

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What does "goetta" describe?
Meat-and-grain sausage
Sliced bread
String cheese

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What does "please" mean in Ohio?
Excuse me

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What is a "Polish boy"?
A Polish child
A sausage sandwich
A type of nut

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Which of these is said in Ohio to describe "you all"?
You guys
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Ohio stretches from the Appalachian mountains in the south to Lake Erie in the north. On the shores of Erie lies the city of Cleveland, home to Cleveland Museum of Art the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, and the expansive Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Ohio stands out from so many other states in that its residents are exceptionally proud of their state, its culture, and its sports teams!

If you love Ohio, its many teams, rock n' roll, and even the Drew Carey Show, take this quiz to see how well you know the state called The Heart Of It All. If you're curious whether you'd fit in in Ohio, this quiz will tell —take this to see if you have Ohio in your blood!

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