Quiz: You'll Only Pass This Test If You Grew Up In A Danish Family

Millionbøf and Frikadeller must be some of your favorite dishes if you're taking this quiz! 😋🍴

 Jan 05, 2017
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Question: 1/10Fill in the blanks!

Danes eat MOST of their meals ____ and in _____.
at other family homes, intimate settings
at restaurants, public settings
at home, private settings

Question: 2/10Pick the right answer!

What is Denmark's official language?

Question: 3/10Fill in the blank!

If you were raised in Denmark, you most likely went to a _____ church.

Question: 4/10Pick the right answer!

Gammel Dansk is usually drank during which meal of the day?

Question: 5/10Pick the right answer!

What holiday requires Danes to wear furry blue hats?
Blue Day
Fur Day

Question: 6/10Pick the right answer!

What is the Danish word for bat?

Question: 7/10Pick the right answer!

What do families usually eat on Little Christmas Eve?
Cheesecake and caramel hot chocolate
Gingerbread and cider
Rice pudding and sweet non-alcoholic beer

Question: 8/10Pick the right answer!

How do Danes usually unwrap presents on Christmas?
One by one as everyone watches
Youngest to oldest
All at once

Question: 9/10Pick the right answer!

What kind of dinner is usually prepared for Martinmas Eve?
Hot Dogs
Roast duck or goose

Question: 10/10Pick the right answer!

What is in Smørrebrød?
Rye bread with jam, meat, vegetables, and nutmeg.
Rye bread with fish, arugula, mustard, and eggs.
Buttered rye bread with meat, cheese, vegetables, and spread.
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