Quiz: You'll Only Pass This BBQ Test If You're From Memphis


Memphis sauce is usually made with tomatoes, vinegar, and tons of spices.

Do you think you're a true Memphis native? If so, put your BBQ trivia skills to the test! We're rooting for you!

 Jan 11, 2018
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Besides meat, what can you barbecue?
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What type of chute can you use to BBQ outside?
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BBQ has its roots as a working class cuisine.
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Slow cooking meat restaurants were originally known as what?
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A BBQ chef is called a _______?
Meat Majesty
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The use of a ____ is crucial for Memphis-style BBQ.
Dry rub
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How is the BBQ usually served?
Wet or dry
Wet or crispy
Hot or cold
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What sides usually come with your BBQ plate?
Potatoes, coleslaw, and bread
Chips, salsa, and corn
Beans, coleslaw, and bread
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What is a pulled pork sandwich usually topped with?
Potato Salad
Lots of BBQ sauce
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What is the real Memphis-style BBQ?
It always has pork with a sweet tomato-based sauce
It's when you smoke the meat and drizzle sauce on top
It's charred meat with honey on top
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In Memphis, what happens every year in May?
The World Championship Sauce Contest
The World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest
The World Championship Barbecue Eating Contest
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What is Corky's known for?
Their hickory-smoked ribs
Their sauces
Their grills
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The iconic restaurant that charcoal-broils ribs is called _______.
Charlie's Rendezvous
Charlie Vergos’ Rendezvous
Rendezvous At The BBQ
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How is the meat usually prepared in Memphis?
Pulled and piled on white buns
Slowly smoked
Cooked for hours until it's almost burned
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_______ is the most popular in Memphis.
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