Quiz: Italians Can Pass This Culture Test. Can You?

Puccini or fettuccine, your Italian roots can tell the difference from miles away!

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 Dec 16, 2017
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Question: 1/15Pick the right answer!

Which of these is NOT a type of pasta?

Question: 2/15Pick the right answer!

What is the capital of Italy?

Question: 3/15Fill in the blank!

_____ painted 'The Last Supper'.
Leonardo da Vinci

Question: 4/15Pick the right answer!

If your granddad still treats you like a "bambino," he still treats you like a "__________."

Question: 5/15Pick the right answer!

If someone is "stunata," they are....
acting crazy
jealous of you
in love

Question: 6/15Fill in the blank!

You know the real reason Italians speak with their hands is because ______.
it most properly expresses emotions
their mouths are always full
it's a good workout

Question: 7/15Fill in the blank!

The average Italian consumes _____ of wine each year.
2 gallons
100 gallons
26 gallons

Question: 8/15Pick the right answer!

Which is the most important value to Italians?

Question: 9/15Pick the right answer!

"Gravy" is something that is typically made on ______.

Question: 10/15Pick the right answer!

Focaccia is a type of what?

Question: 11/15Pick the right answer!

What is the authentic traditional Italian way to serve pizza?
As dessert
Not sliced

Question: 12/15Pick the right answer!

Which set of words best describes Italians?
Precise, Reserved
Fast-Paced, Time-Oriented
Loud, Prideful

Question: 13/15Pick the right answer!

What do Italians call their grandparents?
Oma & Opa
Grammy & Grampy
Nonna & Nonno

Question: 14/15Pick the right answer!

Italian is a _______ language.

Question: 15/15Pick the right answer!

What is the most common religion in Italy?
Roman Catholic
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