Quiz: Only A True Catholic Knows All 16 Of These Parables. Do You?

You better crack open that bible!

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 Sep 20, 2017
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In the parable of the Unforgiving Servant, how many times does the servant ask if one should forgive?

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In the parable of the Prodigal Son, what is the father's reaction to his son's return home?
He scolds his son and then forgives him
He welcomes him with open arms and throws a celebration
He is furious that his son ever left

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In the parable of the Good Samaritan, how many people pass by the beaten man on the street before he is helped?

Question: 4/16Pick your answer!

Which two animals are used to represent the righteous and cursed in one of Jesus' parables?
Lambs and goats
Snakes and pigs
Donkeys and camels

Question: 5/16Pick your answer!

What is the moral of the parable of the Rich Fool?
You can be rich but also dumb
Wise men can never be rich
Money does not guarantee happiness

Question: 6/16Pick your answer!

What does Jesus use as a metaphor for the way the Kingdom of God will grow large from a small start?
A lamb
A mustard seed
A sapling

Question: 7/16Pick your answer!

In the Wheat and the Weeds parable, what does Jesus say must grow among the wheat?

Question: 8/16Pick your answer!

In the parable of the Wedding Feast, what was the people's reaction to the King's invitation to the feast?
They left and committed bad acts instead
They respectfully declined
They gladly accepted and came to celebrate

Question: 9/16Pick your answer!

What word is used for the sums of money the servants spent or squandered in one of Jesus' parables?

Question: 10/16Pick your answer!

What does the Parable of the Persistent Neighbor teach?
To be persistent in prayer
To love your neighbor
To not be annoying

Question: 11/16Pick your answer!

Jesus gives two parables having to do with a specific type of tree. What is it?
Christmas tree
Fig tree
Palm tree

Question: 12/16Pick your answer!

In the Counting Costs Parable, who does Jesus say you should put first in your life?

Question: 13/16Pick your answer!

Which parable has the verse "whoever humbles himself will be exalted"?
Parable of the Lowest Seat
Parable of the Persistent Widow
Parables of the Workers in the Vineyard

Question: 14/16Pick your answer!

In the Parable of the Lost Sheep, what is more important, 1 sinner who repents or 99 righteous persons who don't need to repent?
Both are equally important
1 sinner
99 righteous men

Question: 15/16Pick your answer!

In the parable about the Sower and the Seed, what does the seed represent?
The word of God
A holy man
A sinner

Question: 16/16Pick your answer!

In the parable of the Vineyard Owner, Jesus says, "The stone which the builders rejected is become the corner stone." Which Old Testament book did this come from?
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