Quiz: Only A Beatles Super Fan Can Get 11/13 On This Lyrics Test

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Can you get by with a little help from your friends?

This quiz features the songs of the iconic band The Beatles. Song lyrics originate from song such as "Let It Be" and "Strawberry Fields Forever."

 Dec 14, 2017
1 of 13Finish the lyrics to "Hello, Goodbye"!
I say hi, you say low, you say ____, and i say i don't know
2 of 13Finish the lyrics to "I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends"!
Would you believe in ________
love at first sight
3 of 13Finish the lyrics to "Yellow Submarine"!
We all live in a ___________
yellow submarine
yellow house
yellow car
4 of 13Finish the lyrics to "Blackbird"!
Blackbird ________ in the dead of night
5 of 13Finish the lyrics to "Here Comes The Sun"!
Little darling, it's been a long cold lonely ______
6 of 13Finish the lyrics to "Come Together"!
He wear no ________, he got toe jam football
7 of 13Finish the lyrics to "I Want To Hold Your Hand"!
Oh please say to me, you'll let me be your ______
8 of 13Finish the lyrics to "Strawberry Fields Forever"!
Living is easy with eyes ______
9 of 13Finish the lyrics to "Help!"!
Help! I need _______
a friend
10 of 13Finish the lyrics to "All You Need Is Love"!
There is nothing you can ____ that can't be ________
learn, taught
do, done
hide, found
11 of 13Finish the lyrics to "Hey Jude"
Take a sad song and make it _______
12 of 13Finish the lyrics to "Yesterday"!
Why she had to go, I don't know, ________
she wouldn't say
she stayed away
she's gone away
13 of 13Finish the lyrics to "Let It Be"!
Speaking words of _______, let it be
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