Quiz: Only 1 in 50 Americans Can Pass This Basic Military Test. Can You?


Can you pass this quiz? Sir, yes sir!

This quiz contains facts about the United State military practices, history, and current role in the world.

 May 18, 2017
1 of 12Pick your answer!
How many presidents have served in the military?
2 of 12Pick one!
Which military branch was part of the US Army until 1946?
The U.S. Navy
The U.S. Air Force
The U.S. Marine Corps
3 of 12True or false?
The New York Police Department is larger than the Coast Guard.
4 of 12Pick your answer!
The Marine Corps motto is "Semper Fidelis" and means what in Latin?
Faithful Fighter
Always Faithful
Always Sailing
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The Air Force's F-117 fighter uses aerodynamics discovered during research into how __________ fly.
6 of 12Pick your answer!
The purple heart is a military decoration awarded to those:
integral to winning a battle
who exhibit outstanding leadership in battle
injured or killed in war
7 of 12True or false?
The President gets to appoint the Commander In Chief for his or her term.
8 of 12Pick your answer!
The motto "Semper Paratus" belongs to which part of the military?
U.S. Coast Guard
9 of 12Pick your answer!
The U.S. Air Force Academy is located in which state?
10 of 12Pick your answer!
Who controls the National Guard in times of peace?
The President
State governors
11 of 12Pick your answer!
Which isn't an army formation?
12 of 12Pick your answer!
Which one is an actual army motto?
Viresque et honor - with strength and honor
De Oppresso Liber - Free The Opressed
A fortiori - With yet stronger reason
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