Quiz: A True Tennessee Local Should Know All 15 Of These Q's. Do You?


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This quiz includes fun facts, language, and locations in the Volunteer State that only Tennessee natives would know.

 Jan 26, 2018

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What is a dry county?
A county where it doesn't rain
A county where alcohol cannot be sold
A county filled with desert land

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What is the most popular type of music in Tennessee?
Hip Hop

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Dollywood is a department store that sells all sorts of dolls.

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In Tennessee, another word for fried chicken is:
Hot Chicken
Battered Chicken
Crunchy Chicken

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Lower Broadway in Nashville is extremely touristy.

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What mountain range runs through Tennessee?
Swiss Alps
Rocky Mountains
Smoky Mountains

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Which Tennessee city is known for outstanding barbecue?

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Which famous music festival takes place in Tennessee?

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Which beloved Tennessee burger joint is similar to White Castle?

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Which month holds a tax-free weekend in Tennessee each year?

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Which city is known as "Music City"?

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Tennessee is also know as ___.
The Sunshine State
The Sweetheart State
The Volunteer State

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What sport do the Predators play?

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When using the word “Jack” what are Tennessee locals referring to?
Their father
Their whiskey
Their brother

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If you're "walking in Memphis" what famous mansion might you be visiting?
Liberace's Mansion
Dolly's Dollywood
Elvis's Graceland
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