Quiz: Only A True Theatre Major Can Score 10/15 On This Test. Can You?

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It's "Theatre", not Theater.

Are you a theatre major? You know you are a theatre major if. Drama. Shakespeare. Acting. Signs you are a theatre major.

 Aug 12, 2017
1 of 15Choose the best answer!
Is stage right to the audience's right side?
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Who wrote "Taming of the Shrew"?
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When technicians are "loading in" they are ______.
finding parking
installing the set onstage
organizing the actors
4 of 15Choose the best answer!
When a play has finished, clearing the set is known as the _____.
5 of 15Choose the best answer!
If an actor corpses it means they ______.
forgot their lines
6 of 15Choose the best answer!
Days with no shows playing are called what?
black days
purple days
7 of 15Choose the best answer!
What does "ASM" stand for?
Assistant Stage Manager
Attractive Stage Man
Automatic Stage Monitor
8 of 15Choose the best answer!
What is a changeover?
changing the scene
changing from one show to a different show
changing the actor
9 of 15Choose the best answer!
The stage manager talking about "preset." What are they referring to?
checking the set, props & costumes are in the right place before a show
taking attendance
checking the lights
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Where should an actor stand to be noticed first?
Downstage Right
Downstage Left
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What word is used to describe a theatre that is closed?
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The phrase is used in theatre to describe lines improvised by an actor is called ___.
Mad Libs
Libby Libs
Ad Libs
13 of 15Choose the best answer!
What name is given to part of a stage which projects into the auditorium?
Happy Stage
Apron Stage
Thrust Stage
14 of 15Choose the best answer!
In which town or city is Royal Shakespeare Company based?
Stratford Upon Avon
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On a stage, what are the out of view areas on the sides of the acting area called?
Angle One
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