Quiz: If You Can Get A 10/18 on This Test, You Must Be a Theatre Major

It's theatre, not theater!

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 Jul 22, 2018
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Question: 1/18Choose the best answer!

Is stage right to the audience's right side?

Question: 2/18Choose the best answer!

Who wrote 'Taming of the Shrew'?

Question: 3/18Choose the best answer!

When technicians are loading in, they are ______.
Finding parking
Organizing the actors
Installing the set onstage

Question: 4/18Choose the best answer!

When a play has finished, clearing the set is known as the _____.

Question: 5/18Choose the best answer!

If an actor corpses, it means they ______.
Forgot their lines

Question: 6/18Choose the best answer!

Days with no shows playing are called what?
Black days
Purple days
Bye days

Question: 7/18Choose the best answer!

What does ASM stand for?
Automatic Stage Monitor
Assistant Stage Manager
Attractive Stage Man

Question: 8/18Choose the best answer!

What is a changeover?
Changing from one show to a different show
Changing the actor
Changing the scene

Question: 9/18Choose the best answer!

The stage manager is talking about preset. What are they referring to?
Checking the lights
Checking the set, props, & costumes are in the right place before a show
Taking attendance

Question: 10/18Choose the best answer!

Where should an actor stand to be noticed first?
Downstage Right
Downstage Left

Question: 11/18Choose the best answer!

What word is used to describe a theatre that is closed?

Question: 12/18Choose the best answer!

The phrase used in theatre to describe lines improvised by an actor is called ___.
Ad Libs
Libby Libs
Mad Libs

Question: 13/18Choose the best answer!

What name is given to part of a stage which projects into the auditorium?
Happy Stage
Apron Stage
Thrust Stage

Question: 14/18Choose the best answer!

In which town or city is the Royal Shakespeare Company based?
Stratford Upon Avon

Question: 15/18Choose the best answer!

On a stage, what are the out of view areas on the sides of the acting area called?
Angle One

Question: 16/18Choose the best answer!

What is blocking?
The director's planned movement for the characters
Covering an actor from the audience
Hiding tickets from scalpers

Question: 17/18Choose the best answer!

Who is known as the originator of method acting?

Question: 18/18Choose the best answer!

What is the term for a recess between parts of a performance or production?
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If you think you know everything there is to know about theatre, take this fun musical theatre quiz to find out! Only a true theatre major can get all 18 questions correct on this quiz, can you? Put your theatre knowledge to the test with this fun quiz. Theatre has many specific slang terms and processes that you would really only know if you actually did theatre. This quiz is not just about the best plays and musicals ever created, anyone who has been to a play before can ace that type of quiz. This specific quiz is for the real theatre majors, the theatre geeks, the theatre people who devote their lives to acting in plays. Only a real actor or actress, director, producer, playwright, or someone really involved in the behind the scenes process of plays, musicals and theatre will be able to get all these questions right.

Theatre is an integral part of any actors identity. Theatre has been a part of our society for hundreds of years. Theatre has the power to lift your mood, bring back memories, spark nostalgia, bring you back to the good old days, relieve anxiety, improve your mood, fight depression, make you smile, bring people together, send a message, and so much more. This theatre quiz will surely bring you back to the old days when theatre was in it’s prime. Theatre is near and dear to your heart, it's something you grew up with and will remain a part of your core identity forever. If all of these things are true about yourself, you will probably ace this quiz easily.

This fun theatre quiz will ask you all about the best plays and musicals of our time. It will also ask you about the names of terms, things about musicals, and random facts and theatre.