Quiz: How well do you actually know Production Assistant (PA) Slang?

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Take this quiz before you hear "that's a wrap" on your production assistant gig!

How well do you know production assistant slang? Take this quiz to see if you stand out among the grips and the best boys!

 Aug 11, 2016
1 of 10What does a short actor stand on to look taller?
movies/tv, Princess Bride
A milk crate
A step-up
An apple box
2 of 10Who does "sparks" refer to on set?
Romantic leads
The lighting crew
3 of 10What do crew members call the free food?
food & drinks
The nabisco table
The all-day buffet
4 of 10What do people say when passing in front of the camera?
Being a door!
5 of 10What's slang for an unwanted pedestrian in a shot?
A bogie
A John
A rando
6 of 10What's a trailer with dressing rooms and restrooms?
movies/tv, Trailer
A honeywagon
A beauty-mobile
A powder trolley
7 of 10What's the "Abby Singer," or "Abby"?
movies/tv, Music, singing
The main costume rack located on set
The second-to-last shot of the day
A camera used for wide-angle shots
8 of 10What's the area producers and directors watch from?
The dugout
Video village
The kids' table
9 of 10What does someone want when they ask for a hot brick?
A charged walkie-talkie
A mobile output monitor
A battery-powered microphone
10 of 10What does "what's your 20" mean on walkie-talkie?
movies/tv, career
What's your opinion?
What's your location?
What's your ETA?
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