Quiz: What is the Actual Color of Your Aura?


What color does your body radiate?

Test/quiz about the color of a person's aura. Personality. Phoebe Buffay. Friends. Radiation. Happiness.

 Aug 09, 2018
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Which quote do you feel the strongest connection to?
"I just need some time in a beautiful place to clear my head"
"Always be kinder than necessary"
"Live simply, dream big, be grateful, give love, laugh a lot"
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Where would you most likely be find peace?
In a large busy city
Your hometown
In a forest
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Which animal are you most like?
A cat
A dog
A horse
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Which one of these brings you the most happiness?
Following your dreams
Making the world a better place
Helping others
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What are the relationships in your life like?
Complicated and tough sometimes
Simple, easy and sure
Distant and unsure
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How do you feel right now?
A little down
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What drives you?
A need for peace
A fear you can't defeat
A desire for love
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Imagine a picture that makes you feel something...
Doing yoga in the middle of an empty field
A mother lion and her cubs
Holding hands with a loved one
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What is your favorite color?
Black, grey, or white
Green, blue, or purple
Red, yellow, or orange
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How do you sleep most nights?
It's hard to fall asleep
A little restlessly
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Pick an animal!
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Pick a food!
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What is your ideal first date?
Going to an amusement park!
Going to the beach!
Dinner and a movie!
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Who is your celebrity crush?
George Clooney
Jennifer Lawrence
Heath Ledger
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What is your favorite season?
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