23 Times Grey's Anatomy Gave You Second Hand Embarrassment


The embarrassment is REAL.

1. When George Tells Meredith That He Remembers Her

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"You were wearing that black dress with those black heels..." Oh George, maybe someone should have bought you a "How To" book for impressing girls. Even a cheesy pick up line would have been better than what you did!

2. This Hot Dog Eating Contest

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I mean on one hand it's like, "Go Christina! Beat the Evil Spawn!" but on the other hand, on the more important hand, it's like "EWW GROSS."

3. When Your Boss Shows Up to the Party...

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And when she doesn't let you have the last bit of food or steals your drinks... And then it got REALLY awkward when Bailey caught Meredith and Derek in his car... So much for being sneaky.

4. When Izzie Reveals Her Guilty Pleasures

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This is embarrassing only because it's a tub of butter. I mean, come on, Iz, make it a box of pasta or a pint of ice cream or a bottle of wine. But butter?

5. When Christina Becomes a Bartender

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Well, maybe Christina becoming a bartender is more embarrassing for her than it is for us, but I we bet she made one hell of a drink.

6. "Mama Took My Eyebrows"

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This was so bad it was hard for us to watch. It still gives us shivers down our spine just thinking about it... Yikes!

7. When George Has Syph


And he's in the bathroom with this big book but it seems like his "me time" is actually something else... We feel like George is always on the end of embarrassing moments, but he can't help it. He's just an awkward dude.

8. When Alex Screams Like a Girl

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We know there's a bear that he's scared of, but it's really great when Mr. Macho majorly freaks out over a bear!

9. When Jackson Catches Richard Doing the Walk of Shame

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Anytime someone catches someone doing the walk of shame, it's embarrassing. But when Jackson catches Richard doing it out of his mom's room.... We wouldn't want to look Richard in the eye ever again...

10. When Derek Walks Into This... A Second Time!

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We're not sure who this is more embarrassing for: us, Derek, Addison, or Mark. Either way, this scene has happened two times too many, and it has got to stop.

11. When Addison and Alex Happen

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I mean, what is she doing with her life that makes her think this is a good life choice?

12. Song Beneath a Song

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Literally the first thing that comes to mind when you think about embarrassing "Grey's Anatomy" moments. Shonda, for the billionth time we're gonna ask you - WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!

13. George's Cute Little Butt

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When George has to get a shot for his syphilis, Meredith, Christina, and Izzie all pop their heads into the exam room to see his butt. It's mortifying for George to be exposed to everyone, let alone the woman he's in love with.

14. When Bailey Ridicules Ben for Doing his Crosswords

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This is extra awkward, because while Ben does the most romantic thing and puts his marriage proposal in a crossword, Bailey ridicules his "fun" during their surgery. In front of everyone. Teaches Bailey to not always speak her mind when she doesn't know what's happening.

15. When Nobody Can Remember How to do an Appendectomy

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Christina berates Teddy for giving her this easy, first-year surgery, but when she forgets what to do, and asks Teddy for help, who also forgets what to do... Good thing they had excellent nurses in there, otherwise their patient would have ended up dead!

16. When April Goes on a Date With Stark

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The fact that this even happens is embarrassing for so many reasons. He's a mean doctor and he's old and it's just weird that she goes along with it. Thank God this doesn't last long AT ALL.

17. When Catherine Avery Brings This to Seattle Grace/Mercy West

When Catherine Avery Brings This to Seattle Grace/Mercy West

Well, this is probably the first and only time these doctors will see a man with no penis. Hopefully it's the only time we see it, too.

18. When That Attending Wanted the "Male" Nazi...

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We don't love that Bailey is called this in the first place, but damn she does make a fool out of that guy when after hours of wanting to find the resident called "the Nazi," whom he assumes is male, he is surprised to find out that it's actually Bailey. That look on Bailey's face as she stares that fool down is priceless.

19. When Richard Tells Maggie That He's Her Father

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.... Anytime anyone on Grey's finds out about familial relations, it's an awkward moment, but this moment especially stands out as embarrassing because Richard withheld this information for so long.

20. When Christina Shuts Anyone Down

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In this scene, Christina shut down that random doctor she slept with in Minnesota. Boy, were we embarrassed for him in this moment.

21. Perfect Penny Killed My Husband

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This is awkward/horrifying when Meredith opens her front door, when Penny sits next to Meredith, when Amelia so gladly welcomes Penny into her home, but mostly when Meredith tells her guests the reality of her relationship to Penny at dinner in a shocking and cold way that makes us want to throw up.

22. When Arizona Thinks She Has A Chance...

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But then actually doesn't when this woman reveals she has a partner and leaves the hospital without looking back at a devastated Arizona... But then Richard Webber steps in and becomes her wingman, which is strange all on its own.

23. When April Reveals Her Life to Jackson

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In this flashback, we get to see April revealing her boring life to Jackson when they both step into the hallway where Reed died. April talks about how she had a gun pointed to her face and all she could think about was how boring she was, how she'd never had sex.... And then Jackson said to himself later, "man, that girl's weird." It was an embarrassing moment for everyone.

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