16 Things You'll Never Stop Missing About George

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"Did You Say It? 'I Love You.' 'I Don't Ever Wanna Live Without You.' 'You Changed My Life.'"

1. All of George's Nicknames

Bambi, 007, Heart-in-the-Elevator Guy, Syph-Boy, The Chief's Intern

2. He Says the Sweetest Things

Even if he's mad at you, George will always be there for his friends.

3. George is Burke's Guy

"Every year you have a new guy and every year that intern struggles the most."

4. He Gets Around the System

George helped Joe the Bartender out when he had a standstill surgery so that he wouldn't have to pay the high medical bills.

5. He Walked Izzie Down the Aisle

His best friend, his former lover, his person.

6. He Had The Most Compassion

Out of everyone, his death was the hardest for all the characters.

7. He Got Excited That His Dad Peed

When his dad was sick in the hospital, he and Callie jumped for joy when they saw that Mr. O'Malley had peed, because it meant he wasn't going into multi-system organ failure.

8. He Met Izzie in Heaven

The most heartbreaking scene in all of TV history is when Izzie crashes, and all of the sudden she's in her pink dress, and she's in the elevator, and the elevator opens up and there's George in his army uniform, and at first she's so happy to see him but then she realizes that he's dead, too, that he's already stepped into heaven and can't be brought back to life.

9. He Loves to Help Others

He performed open-heart surgery in an elevator. He joined the army. He stepped in front of a bus to save a stranger.

10. He Made Fun of the McNicknames

Too many McDreamy's and McSteamy's and McVets... Too bad there was never a McBambi.

11. He Punched Alex in the Face.


12. He Can Make Us Laugh

"They're calling me 007, aren't they?"

13. He Was So Honest

"High school sucks for anyone who's the least bit different."

14. His Awkward Face Was On Point


15. He Dealt With This Struggle One Too Many Times

16. He Messed Up Plenty of Times, But He Was Too Lovable to Hate

Never leave us, Georgie.

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