Quiz: Can You Pass This Ultimate Shrek Quiz?


How Well Do You Remember this Classic DreamWorks Movie?

Shrek. Fiona. Donkey. Adventure. Ogres. Love story. Lord Farquuad. DreamWorks Animation. Funny. Sassy. Princess. Dragon. Castle

 Jun 06, 2016
1 of 10What Is So Scary About Shrek?
Shrek, mud, bath, shower, swamp, home, invasion, fairytale, characters, donkey, isolation, silence, movies/tv, pop culture
DreamWorks Pictures
He's An Ogre
He's An Evil Witch
He's a Fire Breather
2 of 10Who Does Shrek Have to Rescue From A Castle?
Shrek, gingerbread, man, Lord, Farquuad, evil, plan, love, story, gumdrop, buttons, food & drinks, movies/tv, pop culture
DreamWorks Pictures
Princess Fiona
The Ginger Bread Man
Lord Farquaad
3 of 10Who Said: "Man, This Would be so Much Easier if I Wasn't Color-Blind!"
Shrek, donkey, silly, adventure, confused, love, story, Mike, Meyers, Eddie, Murphy, celebs, movies/tv, pop culture
DreamWorks Pictures
Lord Farquaad
4 of 10What Happens to Donkey at Fiona's Castle?
Shrek, dragon, donkey, intimidating, scared, adventure, castle, fun, rescuing, princess, Fiona, Eddie, Murphy, movies/tv, pop culture, celebs
DreamWorks Pictures
He finds Princess Fiona and kidnaps her
He dies
He Flirts With Dragon
5 of 10What Food With Layers Do Shrek Compare Himself To?
Shrek, happy, excited, proud, swamp, adventure, love, story, dirty, ogres, onions, Mike Meyers, celebs, movies/tv, pop culture
DreamWorks Pictures
6 of 10What Happens To Fiona At Night
Shrek, Fiona, human, ogre, secret, handkerchief, sass, love, story, adventure, Marry, cameron, diaz, celebs, movies/tv, pop culture
DreamWorks Pictures
She Turns Into An Ogre
She Dies
She Talks Like a Cat
7 of 10Who Said "Some Of You May Die, But That's a Sacrifice I'm Willing to Make"?
Shrek, Lord, Farquaad, Fiona, ogres, humans, horses, knights, royalty, love, story, adventure, movies/tv, pop culture
DreamWorks Pictures
Magic Mirror
Fairy Godmother
Lord Farquaad
8 of 10Who Finds Out Fiona's Ogre Secret First?
Shrek, Fiona, ogre, funny, princess, green, sassy, movies/tv, celebs
DreamWorks Pictures
Lord Farquaad
9 of 10What Can Make Fiona Turn Back Into A Normal Princess?
Shrek, Fiona, Lord, Farquaad, wedding, saving, love, story, adventure, unwilling, chapel, church, Mike Meyers, cameron diaz, celebs, movies/tv, pop culture
DreamWorks Pictures
A Flower
Only True Loves Kiss
The Gingerbread Man
10 of 10Why Does Lord Farquaad Want To Marry Princess Fiona?
Shrek, Fiona, happily, ever, after, ogres, humans, green, love, story, adventure, married, Mike, Meyers, cameron, diaz, celebs, movies/tv, pop culture
DreamWorks Pictures
He Is Also An Ogre And Thinks She's Pretty
Because He Loves Her
So He Can Become King
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