Quiz: You’ll Only Get 10/15 On This Test If You're From A Nigerian Family


How well do you know Nigerian traditions?

A quiz asking about the traditions of the Nigerian culture and family to test the test takers knowledge of the culture.

 Sep 02, 2017
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What happens when a young man comes of age?
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What does sharo mean?
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Where is Sharo a significant event?
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What is magun used for?
Juju against adulterers
Juju against
Juju against murderers
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What practice forces women to prove they didn't murder their husband?
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Who practices witch hunting?
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What happens in inheritance practice?
Children are inherited after fathers death
A wife is inherited after the husband dies
Children are inherited after mothers death
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What is widely practiced in Nigeria overall?
Female Circumcision
Male Circumcision
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What is the name for service of young boys to a master?
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How long does sharo last?
Three Days
Ten days
A week
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In widowhood practice, women may be forced to ____.
Sit alone for seven days
Be buried with their husband
Drink the water their husband was bathed in
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Who can be suspected of witchcraft?
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What happens when someone is found guilty of witchcraft?
They are killed
They are ex-communicated from the community
They are put in jail
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Magun is placed in who?
The married couple
The husband
The wife
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What happens in a wife commits adultery?
The lover could die
The lover could get suck in "the act"
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