Quiz: If You Raised Millennial Children You Should Get 10/10 On This Quiz.


Are you the proud mother of a typical millennial?

A quiz for the parents of millennials as determined by the typical stereotypes of the millennial generation.

 May 21, 2017
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Between what years was your child born?
2 of 10Pick Your Answer!
Which show were you most likely to be watching with your child when they were young?
Jamie and the Magic Torch
3 of 10Pick Your Answer!
True or False: Your child is currently starting working, in college, or having families of their own.
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Chances are at one point your child knew every word to:
"Bye Bye Bye"
"Dancing Queen"
"We Will Rock You"
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If you raised a millennial, you know:
They call themselves a 90s/80s baby.
They claim 70s as their birth decade.
Their earliest memories fall after 9/11.
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If you raised a millennial, you:
Know they remember 9/11 happening.
Know they remember the impeachment of President Nixon.
Know they read about 9/11 in history books.
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You child probably wanted:
An iPhone
A razor phone
A landline
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You probably raised a millennial if:
You remember a time before schools had mandatory computer classes
You remember a time before schools had any computers
You remember a time before schools banned iPhones
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Your child is a millennial if they have told you not to say:
"Adorbs" or "Bae"
"On fleek" or "Extra"
All of the above
10 of 10Pick Your Answer!
True or False: Your child claims they are a millennial and was born before 2000.
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