Quiz: We Bet You're Not Smart Enough To Spot All 12 Of These Lies! Can You?

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Can you see through the lies to the right trivia answer?

A quiz testing your basic trivia knowledge on everything from the make up of the human body to the proper way to play chess.

 Jul 08, 2017
1 of 12Correct the lie!
Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a boat.
*On an airplane
*On a bus
*Amelia Earhart
2 of 12Correct the lie!
Marilyn Monroe has more Oscars than anyone in the world.
*Jennifer Lawrence
*Emma Watson
*Katherine Hepburn
3 of 12Correct the lie!
The Euro is the official currency of all of Europe.
*The Peso
*19 of the 28 European States
*The Dollar
4 of 12Correct the lie!
In Chess, a Bishop can move as many spaces going either horizontally or vertically.
*Move one space
*Going diagonally
*A King
5 of 12Correct the lie!
The primary colors are Red, Green and Yellow.
*Red and Blue
*Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue
*Red, Yellow and Blue
6 of 12Correct the lie!
Saint Peter was the first ever Pope of the Church of Scientology.
*Pagan Church
*Mormon Church
*Catholic Church
7 of 12Correct the lie!
Your hands and feet never stop growing.
*Nose and ears
*Never grow any more past maturity.
*Knees and elbows
8 of 12Correct the lie!
An antihistamine is a drug used to treat pain and fever.
*Treat allergy attacks
*Treat Viruses
*Treat STD's
9 of 12Correct the lie!
California is known as the Sunshine State.
*Golden State
*Ocean State
10 of 12Correct the lie!
Nǐ hǎo is the English term for hello.
11 of 12Correct the lie!
There are a total of 290 countries in the World.
*100 countries
*195 countries
*25 countries
12 of 12Correct the lie!
The two sides that fought in the Vietnam War were the Axis Powers and the Allied Powers.
*The Cold War
*Union and Conferderates
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