13 Things You’ll Only Understand If You're A Military Wife

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Military life never looked so good!

Life with the man you love is oh-so-good. Life with a man in uniform? Still oh so good, just a little different. There's a lot that movies really don't tell you about marrying into the military. If you're a military wife, you will 100% relate to all of these things.

1. He will miss many things.


Birthdays, holidays, graduations. Chances are he's been gone for a few of those. But, you gotta love him anyway!

2. Recalls are the worst.


You learn to hate people you don't even know when he gets called back into work at 9 am on a Saturday. All you wanted was pancakes and some morning cuddles!

3. Those uniforms aren't so hot anymore when you're the one washing them...


No really. No one tells you that the uniforms basically hold in all the dirt they encounter during the day. Uniforms after training? There's nothing left to do but burn them.

4. He never sleeps in.


7 am is too early to wake up on a weekend. That's it. Just putting it out there.

5. But he's **always** napping!


I've never met a group of people who fall asleep faster than military guys. Yeah, it makes sense. But it's still slightly alarming seeing someone fall asleep mid-sentence!

6. You run things yourself.


Cook, clean, take out the dog? It's all you girl! You learn to manage a house better than anyone else!

7. People outside the community don't get it.


"So where is he?" He's in school. "Oh, he got out and went to college?" No. Just... ugh no.

8. You learn a new language.


ALL. THE. ACRONYMS. Why are there so many? WHY? Speak civilian to me.

9. No one has first names.


Seriously, I need a way to distinguish between every guy named Smith. Just give first names!

10. You have to pack up your things and move...


a lot... The downside is having to say goodbye to your life. But the upside? Starting over with your best friend!

11. You're lonely.


"Home" doesn't always mean home for a military man. Home can mean long hours and still be far away. It's a time to lean on friends.

12. You're probably really young...


and your friends are at a different life stage than you. The second you marry into the community, you're surrounded by young wives and mothers. Your other friends are still getting way too drunk and eating incredible amounts of Waffle House. What are you supposed to do?

13. You couldn't be more proud!


Most people support the troops, but you've got a personal reason to show extra love! Like any good wife, you're happy to support his job no matter what happens!

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