Dressing According to Your Body Type is a Game-Changer! Here are 15 Tips

Dressing According to Your Body Type is a Game-Changer! Here are 15 Tips
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All women should look and feel great in their bodies! Instead of killing yourself in the gym trying to achieve a body that will look nice on your dress, why not look for outfits that highlight the best features of your body?

The trick is knowing your body type. Once you accurately know this, it becomes so much easier to properly dress for your body type!

Determining Your Body Shape

There are five main body shapes: the “rectangle”, “pear-shaped”, “apple-shaped”, “inverted triangle” and “hourglass.” So which are you?


  • Women with “rectangle” bodies are those having an athletic build wherein their hips, bust, and shoulders have similar widths.


  • Pear-shaped body type features a slender top (narrower shoulders) and wider hips and legs. Women whose shoulder and bust widths are significantly smaller than the widths of their legs are considered to have pear-shaped bodies.


  • Women with apple-shaped bodies feature a more circular outline. Their bodies are generally well-proportioned and have very similar widths of shoulders, bust, and hip.

Inverted Triangle

  • Those with upside-down triangle bodies have tops (shoulders and busts) that are bigger than their bottom (hips).
  • If your bust and hips have very similar widths, and your hips are generally smaller, your body shape falls under this category.


  • The “hourglass” figure is characterized by a contoured waistline. This body type also resembles a Coke bottle.
  • Women with hourglass bodies have waists that are 25% smaller than the widths of their shoulders or bust.

Dress According to Your Rectangle-shaped Body

What to Wear

Choose outfits that draw attention to your beautiful, defined shoulders and toned arms. These include halter styles, racerback, scoop-and-round necks, and anything strapless. You'll also look gorgeous on blouses with detailed collars. Styles of pants that look flattering on your body include high-waisted, wide-leg, slim-straight, and flare. Skirts with pretty much any style and length will look attractive on you, too.

What Not To Wear

Avoid baggy shirts or blouses, especially if you have a smaller bust width. Also, do away from wearing monochromatic outfits, and boxy-fitting tops and coats.

How To Accessorize

Go for that fabulous look with layered necklaces and a pair of statement earrings.Consider different

How to Dress According to Your Pear-shaped Body

What to Wear

Pear shapes look fab in statement tops, such as plunging V-necks, cowl necks, bell-sleeves, Peplum, square-necks, boat necks, and scoop necks. Pay attention to your pants. It should help balance out your figure. Go for bootcut, flat-front, high-waisted, or slim/straight cuts. If you love wearing skirts, go with A-line, fit-and-fare, wrap, and off-shoulder pieces.

What Not To Wear

Do away from skinny pants that cling to the hips. Also avoid pants with big side and back pockets, distressed designs, or other embellishments on jeans.

How To Accessorize

Women's necklaces that draw attention to the neckline (e.g. statement pieces), and drop earrings work great for this body type. Keeping in mind your own preferences you can go with gold jewelry or bijoux. Choose the type of gold jewelry that resonates with your style and personality, season with some smile and confidence, and you are ready to rock.

How to Dress According to Your Apple-shaped Body

What to Wear

For tops, you can play with wraps that are constructed to create a more defined waistline, Dolman-sleeves that highlight your arms and shoulders, and Peplum that add some curve to your waist. For the bottom pieces, you can play with leggings and skinny jeans, cropped pants, and classic trouser fit. Tip: if your blouse is flowy, pair it with skinny pants to balance your look.

What Not To Wear

Avoid tight tops and loose pants. Clothes with lines and patterns allow you to focus the eyes where you want them to go. Lines can help lengthen your body, create curves, and highlight the best parts of your body.

How To Accessorize

Be bold and go for statement women's necklaces and earrings that draw attention to your neckline.

Dress According to Your Inverted-shaped Body

What to Wear

You want to soften your broad shoulder line by wearing tops that have soft, draping, and weighty fabrics. These include ruffled, layered blouses and A-line skirts. If you're going strapless or sleeveless, blazers and long jackets or capes will add drama to your look. Look for bottoms that add volume and interest to your hips. You can also draw attention to your leg by wearing lighter, brighter colors.

What Not To Wear

Avoid overarching dresses as well as tight trousers. Also, steer clear from tops and scarves with loud patterns.

How To Accessorize

Go for round neck wires, omega chains, and short bib-style necklaces. Wear earrings that have medium to long lengths. Oval-shaped and circular earrings work on your face shape too.

How to Dress According to Your Hourglass-shaped Body

What to Wear

Picking clothes is all about celebrating your defined waistline! So, go ahead and pick fitted clothes. Anything from form-fitting jerseys to wrap tops, Peplum, tailored tops, V-necks, round necks, and boat necks. The hourglass figure looks flattering on a dress. Go for iconic silhouettes like a wrap dress or “fit and flare”. For the bottom, you can go high-waisted, flared, wide-leg, and skinny. Layering up? Grab a coat that has a belted detail.

What Not To Wear

Flowy styles won't highlight your curve. If you love breezy dresses, make sure to add a belt.

How To Accessorize

Necklace lengths that run to or slightly below your collarbone will highlight your bust.

When you know your body type and what clothes and accessories go nicely with it, you can easily pull off outfits that highlight your best features. Keep slayin’, girl!

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