Quiz: If You've Seen Rocky Horror A Million Times You Should Ace This Quiz


How well do you really know this cult classic?

Quiz on facts and trivia about the cult classic film, Rocky Horror Picture Show, including characters, scenes, songs, and more.

 Oct 16, 2017

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Why do Janet and Brad go to the castle?
They were invited
Their car broke down
They heard music from outside

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Who is the head of the castle?
Riff Raff

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Which character is killed out of jealously?

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Where does Frank claim to be from?

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How do Janet and Brad know Dr. Scott?
He was their science teacher in high school
He is Janet's father
He is their neighbor

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What is Columbia?
A spy
A groupie
Frank's sister

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Which character sleeps with Rocky to the dismay of Brad and Frank?

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How does Magenta let everyone know that dinner is ready?
Hitting a gong
Playing a trumpet
Blowing a blow horn

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What is served for dinner?
Mac and cheese
Eddie's remains
A green goop

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What machine does Frank use on the others?
The Medusa Transducer
The Transylvanian Nightmare
The Time Warper

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Which of these characters is NOT killed in the film?

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Riff Raff, Magenta, and Frank are actually _____.

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Which character kills himself in a fit of rage?
Riff Raff

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In what do Riff Raff and Magenta fly away?
Brad and Janet's car
The castle

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What happens to Brad, Janet, and Dr. Scott?
They fly away with Riff Raff and Magenta
They crawl through the dirt to escape
They disappear
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