Quiz: Can You Score At Least 10/15 On This Southern Etiquette Test?


Only a true Southern belle could ace this test!

Quiz on traditional and modern Southern etiquette, table manners, grooming, sororities, entertaining, and more.

 Sep 24, 2017

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What do most Southerners call their mother and father?
Mom and Dad
Mama and Daddy
Mummy and Pop

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What is a cotillion?
A "coming of age" ball
A greeting
A type of food

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What utensils are used for the main course of a meal?
The ones furthest from the plate
The ones closest to the plate
The ones set on the plate

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A(n) _____ should always be brought for the hostess.

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How do Southerners thank someone for a present?
With a handwritten thank you note
With wine
With a simple "thank you" in person

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When can Southern belles no longer wear white shoes?
After Labor Day
After Memorial Day
After Halloween

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To have a "legacy" at a sorority means what?
You made a good impression
Members of your family were in the sorority
You have friends in the sorority

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Southern women should never...

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A woman should always be addressed as _____.

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A man should always be addressed as _____.

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What is the etiquette when asking for a favor?
Ask in a letter
Offer money
Say "please" and "thank you"

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If invited to a party, it's expected for people to ________.
always attend
wear their best outfit
RSVP as soon as possible

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What should people never do at a dining table in the South?
Make conversation
Put their elbows on the table
Ask to use the restroom

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After sleeping in someone's home, people should _______.
make the bed
make breakfast
shower in the morning

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What do Southerners never wear while inside?
A sweater
A hat
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