Quiz: Can We Guess Which Care Bear You Are Based On These 13 Questions?

care bears

This quiz is BEARY fun!

What is your inner care bear? Are you more of a Sunshine Bear or a Birthday Bear? Take this lovable quiz to find out!

 Aug 11, 2018
1 of 13Pick your answer!
If you were frosting you would be _______.
cream cheese
2 of 13Pick your answer!
Your friends describe you as ________.
A Romantic
A Sharer
Life of the party
An Organizer
3 of 13Pick your answer!
Which of these is the perfect gift?
a bunch of sweets
a handwritten card
tickets to an amusement park
a trip with friends
a nice meal with your family
4 of 13Pick your answer!
What color of the rainbow are you?
5 of 13Pick your answer!
You are on a deserted island, what do you bring?
pictures of your loved ones
your favorite movie
an endless supply of candy
survival gear
6 of 13Pick your answer!
Which scares you the most?
a zombie apocalypse
losing your cell phone
not having plans
7 of 13Pick your answer!
How do you act at a party?
Make a new friend!
Get all eyes on you!
Start a fun conversation!
Dance the night away!
Hug your friends!
8 of 13Pick your answer!
Pick a book genre!
Science Fiction
9 of 13Pick your answer!
Pick a pattern!
Polka Dots
10 of 13Pick your answer!
Which event is the best?
sporting events
lunch with friends
birthday parties
romantic dates
a movie with your family
11 of 13Pick your answer!
You go shopping and buy _______.
gifts for your friends
a new dress
matching friendship bracelets
a beautiful necklace
an adorable tea cup
12 of 13Pick your answer!
Pick a life motto.
Laughing is healthy for the soul
Sharing is caring
Friendships are forever
Love is most important in life
Celebrate like there is no tomorrow
13 of 13Pick your answer!
Pick your favorite flower!
a rose
a lily
a tulip
a sunflower
a cherry blossom
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