The Best Migraine Diet Snacks

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Check out these delicious snacks perfect for those on the migraine diet.

The migraine diet is a way of minimizing migraines. Each person has different triggers, but doctors have determined the best migraine diet snacks. The best migraine diet snacks can be homemade or store-bought and are all delicious. Try the best migraine diet snacks we have found on the market today.

The best migraine diet snacks are known for helping those suffering from migraines to live with fewer migraines. Understanding your triggers and adjusting accordingly is important for making the migraine diet work for you. Thankfully, we have found the best migraine diet snacks that do not seem to be linked to migraines.

If you, or a loved one, suffer from migraines, check out this list of safe snacks!


Fresh berries are safe options for those suffering from migraines. Citrus fruits are common triggers, so it is recommended to stay away from them. If picking dried fruit, be sure to choose only packages that are sulfite-free! These dried cranberries from Patience Fruit & Co. are the perfect snack.

Brown Rice Cakes

Rice is safe for snacking, but brown rice is best! Want to "kick it up a notch" like Emeril Lagasse? Drizzle some honey, add some fresh berries, and thank me later! Lundberg Farm's Organic Brown Rice Cakes - Salt-Free is the perfect food to snack on.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds have tons of magnesium, which is just what migraine sufferers need. Snack on a handful of pumpkin seeds, or grab a bag of these delicious Go Raw Organic Pumpkin Seed Sprouted Bites. They are perfect for on the go.


Cheerios are great for most people, so give it a try. Channel your inner child and grab a handful! Add blueberries to bring some extra flavor.

Unflavored Crackers

Unflavored crackers are easy to grab on the go. A popular choice is Carr's Table Water Crackers. Want to spice it up? Add some cream cheese or jam!

Cottage Cheese with Fresh Fruit

Cottage cheese is light and easy to grab on the go. Tired of eating it plain? Add fresh non-citrus fruit to stick with the migraine diet.

English Muffin

English muffins are great migraine diet snacks. Snack on these treats, and add some cream cheese or fruit jam.

Homemade Popcorn

Homemade snacks are the best snacks. Skip the store-bought stuff and make your own popcorn at home! Alton Brown has some great recipes.

Hummus with Carrots

Hummus with carrots is a common snack food, and they are also part of the migraine diet. Snack away!

Keebler Sandies Simply Shortbread Cookies

Sandies Simply Shortbread cookies are the best on the planet! They are perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth while avoiding triggers.

BUMBLE BEE Prime Fillet Solid White Albacore - In Water

Most tuna is not safe a safe migraine diet snack, but this is packaged in water. Experts say this tuna is perfect to eat. Eat it with crackers or straight out of the can!

Crunchmaster Gluten Free Multi-Seed Crackers

These crackers are great! They taste fantastic and can be topped with anything. You can even put the tuna on top of the crackers for a light migraine diet snack.

Now you have the perfect list for migraine diet snacking!

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