Quiz: You'll Only Ace This History Quiz If You Grew Up Before The Internet


Give me liberty, or give me death!

History quiz containing questions from the American Revolution, the Industrial Revolution, World War II, and the 1960s.

 Nov 01, 2017

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When did the United States land on the moon?

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Who wrote the pamphlet "Common Sense"?
Upton Sinclair
Mark Twain
Thomas Paine

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What two countries were involved in the Louisiana Purchase?
England and France
the United States and Spain
the United States and France

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Who created the first American flag?
Betsy Ross
Abigail Adams
Martha Washington

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Who was the first Treasurer of the United States?
George Washington
Alexander Hamilton
Thomas Jefferson

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Finish the phrase, "Give me liberty, or give me ________".

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What was Sputnik?
the first Earth orbiting satellite
the name of the leader of the Soviet Union during the space race
the name of the first dog in outer space

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What was the first permanent English settlement in America?
St Augustine

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What is Elizabeth Cady Stanton known for?
opening the nation's first orphanage
being the first female pilot
starting the Women's Rights Movement

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What did the 13th Amendment do?
end Prohibition
give women the right to vote
abolish slavery

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What did the court case Marbury vs Madison do?
legalize same sex marriage
establish judicial review
integrate public schools

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What invention revolutionized transportation and trade in the United States?
cotton gin

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Who wrote a diary that was later published which depicted the life of Jews during the Holocaust?
Roman Polanski
Elie Wiesel
Anne Frank

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Who refused to move to the back of the bus?
Martin Luther King Jr
Rosa Parks
Malcom X

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Which US President resigned after the Watergate Scandal?
Richard Nixon
Grover Cleveland
Harry Truman
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