Quiz: Only 1 in 50 Americans Can Ace This Air Force Test. Can You?

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Aim High... Fly-Fight-Win!

How well do you know the air force? Would you be able to be a pilot? Do you know how to navigate an airplane? Answer these questions.

 Jul 26, 2018
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The Air Force tracks _______.
Easter Bunny
Santa Claus
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What two presidents served in the Air Force?
Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush
Abraham Lincoln and George Washington
Donald Trump and Barack Obama
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What branch of military did the Air Force use to be part of?
Coast Guard
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The Air Force share it's founding with what government organization?
Better Business Bureau
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F-117 Fighters use aerodynamics discovered from what species?
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____ is the previous name of the US Air Force?
US Fly Force
Army Air Corp
Army Air Fighters
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What game console did the US Air Force us to create a super computer?
PlayStation 3
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Which of the following celebrities did NOT serve in the Air Force?
Johnny Cash
Morgan Freeman
Justin Bieber
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______ are the color of the Air Force.
Crimson and Black
Ultramarine Blue And Golden Yellow
Steel Grey and Red
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What is the motto of the Air Force?
Aim High... Fly-Fight-Win
The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday
We Shall Defend
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____ is often considered the 'Father' of the Air Force.
Luke Skywalker
Abraham Lincoln
William Lendrum "Billy" Mitchell
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The headquarters for the Air Force are located, where?
Washington D.C.
Juneau, Alaska
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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In March, what do airmen grow?
A mustache
A man bun
Their nails out
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The Air Force is the only branch that fought:
The Nazis
in Afghanistan
the Soviet Union
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There is a mini-hospital on board Air Force One.
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The largest plane in the Air Force is the:
Imperial Shuttle
C-5 Galaxy
Millennium Falcon
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How many one-star generals have their been in the Air Force?
Only one
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Maverick and Goose are two pilots depicted it what movie?
Red Tails
Top Gun
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