Quiz: If You Can Get 15/15 On This Culinary Test, You're An Actual Chef

Bon Appetit!

 Jan 08, 2018
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What does SOS mean?
Save our sauce
Sauce over sausage
Sauce on the side

Question: 2/15Pick Your Answer!

What does it mean when a dish is 86'd?
There is no more
There are 86 orders of it
The dish is 86% off

Question: 3/15Pick Your Answer!

If something is cut "julienne", the pieces should be...
Small pea sized bits
1-inch cubes
Long thin strips

Question: 4/15Pick Your Answer!

What are the ingredients in a roux?
Oil and flour
Melted butter and flour
Chicken broth and oil

Question: 5/15Pick Your Answer!

When blanching vegetables, what do you do after you cook them for 1-2 minutes?
Let them cool down naturally
Let them simmer in boiling water
Shock them in ice water

Question: 6/15Pick Your Answer!

What does EVOO stand for?
Extra virgin olive oil
Every vegan olive oil
Every vegetable oven only

Question: 7/15Pick Your Answer!

What are you doing when you clarify something?
Beating egg whites
Editing a recipe
Separating and removing solids from a liquid

Question: 8/15Pick Your Answer!

The 5 basic tastes detected by humans are saltiness, sweetness, sourness, bitterness, and....

Question: 9/15Pick Your Answer!

What is an example of an emulsion?
Olive oil

Question: 10/15Pick Your Answer!

What is the paste in devil's eggs made from?
Mayonnaise and mustard
Egg yolk and water
Egg yolk, mustard, and mayonnaise

Question: 11/15Pick Your Answer!

Which of these is smallest?
1 Tablespoon
1 teaspoon
1 Quart

Question: 12/15Pick Your Answer!

Which of the following is a type of pan?

Question: 13/15Pick Your Answer!

What is a chiffonade?
A special knife
Shredded or finely cut leaf vegetables used as a garnish for soup
An herb

Question: 14/15Pick Your Answer!

When you poach something, you cook it with _____.

Question: 15/15Pick Your Answer!

Why would you use a roux in a dish?
To add flavor
To thicken the sauce or soup
To thin out a sauce or soup
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