13 Signs You Went to Florida State University

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Go Noles!

From sports, to academics, to extracurricular activities, to everything in between... Florida State is an EVERYTHING school! Whether it's a Fall Saturday in Doak Campbell Stadium or a Wednesday night in Club Stroz, all across campus and Tallahassee you can hear the same two words, "Go Noles!"

1. Jimbo and Bobby Are Part of Your Family


2. You Know The Hottest Club In Tally Is Club Stroz

Ladies in free till 11! Drink specials Monday, Wednesday, Friday! Call ahead for VIP seating.

3. The Perfect Cure To Homesickness Is Petting the Dogs on Landis Green

Stressed over midterms and finals? Have no fear, dogs are here!

4. Your Dreams of Running Away and Joining the Circus Are Still True

The Flying High Circus is one of only two collegiate circuses in the nation!

5. Doak Campbell Stadium Is Your Sanctuary

There's only one place to be on Saturday in the fall.

6. You Love Ms. Killings More Than She Loves You

Ms. Killings- Florida State's real sweetheart.

7. You Make Use of the Fountains as Certified Swimming Pools

Wescott, Landis, the stadium? It doesn't matter- everyone fountain at FSU is a certfied swimming pool!

8. Coliseum Isn't Just A Part of Ancient Rome

All roads lead to Coli baby!

9. You Miss Fried Chicken Fridays More Than Life Itself

RIP public lunch at the Figg.

10. You've Caught the FSU Plague

Or the side strand of the Kellum Cough.

11. You Consider Yourself An Avid Hiker After Walking Up Mt. Diffenbaugh

No one at FSU skips leg day.

12. You Bleed Garnet and Have A Heart of Gold

You love two teams, the Seminoles and whoever is playing the Gators. Go Noles!

13. You Stay Unconquered

The Seminole spirit is with you always.

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