Can You Ace This Ultimate Texas Quiz? Bet Not!

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Are you a true Texan?

Are you Texan enough to ace this all-things Texas quiz on food, lingo, and sports teams? Put your knowledge to the test by trying it out!! Good luck!

 Dec 19, 2018
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Texas... also known as, the Lone Star State! If you're here, looking at this quiz, chances are that you just might call this huge state your home! And with twenty eight million people also calling it home, you're certainly not alone! In fact, Texas is the second largest state in the United States in both area AND population. The only state that is bigger than Texas geographically is Alaska. So it goes without saying, a state this big has to be packed with a whole lot of amazing people, unique culture, fantastic foods, and historical sites. Right? Well, here's your chance to prove that you know all about the Lone Star State (and then some), by absolutely ACING this eighteen question quiz on the Lone Star State. Careful though, it won't be easy! You'll need to know about Tex Mex, breakfast tacos, saying "y'all," the Alamo, Big Tex, the State Fair, fried okra, good ole Texas barbecue, cowboy hats, the Cowboys, the Stars, and Whataburger... just to name a few.

Texas is a big state, and we want to tell you that you shouldn't be intimidated. But if you want to ace this quiz, you really do need to know everything about Texas. Do you feel confident? If not, you may not be a real Texas local. In which case, you should go ahead and find a quiz for the city or state that you really do come from! No matter where it is, will definitely have a quiz for it. Try the Ultimate Texas Quiz if you want to anyway, but you just might not ace it!! Good luck!