No It’s Not Gibberish! It’s Philly Speak! How Many Words Do YOU Know?

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Seriously, real Philly locals ONLY!

You only stand a chance of acing this Philly quiz if you're a expert on cheesesteak, the Eagles and East Coast living! You up to the challenge?

 Dec 24, 2018
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Hey there, are you a genuine Philly local, native or enthusiast? Or if none of those, a frequent tourist or visitor? Well then, you have come to the right place! This eighteen question quiz was made with you in mind! Seriously, these eighteen questions will seriously put your "Philly Enthusiast" status to the test. Only real natives or locals can easily ace this quiz. It covers an array of topics like favorite sports teams, iconic foods and dishes, lingo, slang, pronunciation and tourist hotspots. Yeah, that's right. You'll be getting questioned on things like the Eagles, cheesesteak (wit or witout whiz), Yuengling beer, your hatred for the Cowboys, what ice cream with "jimmies" is and so, so much more! When it comes to this quiz, there's no faking whether you're a Philly enthusiast or not. You either are or you aren't. No in-between.

It's okay thought if you're a bit of a Philly phony. No matter what state or city you hail from, chances are has a fun geography/lingo quiz to match up with that state or city; all fifty of them and then so much more. People love to reminisce and look back on fond memories from their hometowns and what a fun way to reconnect with fellow hometown natives! It can be surprising just how unique each and every state and city is. They all come with their own diverse traditions and foods. And non-locals don't stand a chance of acing one of these quizzes. So go ahead, get started on this Philly quiz... if you really think you can pass it! It'll be a great two minute escape from your hectic day. Good luck!

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