Can You Pass This Tricky 20 Question Nevada Lingo Quiz? Bet Not!

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Do you know Nevada as well as you think you do?!

Take this 18 question quiz on Nevada to see just how well you know it's slang, favorite foods, and local customs. It might be tougher than you think!

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Nevada... What a state! When a lot of people hear the word Nevada, what immediately pops up in their head is Las Vegas! Because, okay, Vegas is kind of a big deal and is well-known across the entire world. But you, as a Nevada local, native, transplant, visitor, or otherwise enthusiast, know that Nevada is actually so much more than just Vegas. It is true, however that gambling is legal across all of Nevada (you can find a slot machine anywhere, even the airport!) and oddly enough prostitution is legal in certain parts of the state. Which might be surprising to other people who just don't know the state as well as you do! And if you want to pass this tricky eighteen question Nevada quiz, then you're certainly going to need to know trivia, facts, and tidbits about the state that other people just simply don't know. You'll need to know about Vegas' new professional hockey team, the Golden Knights, the Spaghetti bowl, what national parks and sites reside in Nevada, what other state shares Tahoe and Death Valley with Nevada, and a whole plethora of other trivia on hot weather, cacti, aliens, and Burning Man!

Now, don't be intimidated if any or many of this sounds unfamiliar to you. You can always catch up on your Nevada trivia before or after taking the quiz. And if Nevada isn't actually your home state, then you can go ahead and take a quiz on whatever state is your home state! literally has quizzes for them all. So don't hesitate to start one. It just might be the perfect two minute mental escape you need from your crazy day.

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