Why Watching 'The Bachelor' Is Bad for Your Relationships

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Is the Final Rose really worth it?

We understand that reality TV can give you a break from your own reality, but what is The Bachelor/Bachelorette doing to your health?

Now that the new Bachelor has been announced, fans can't wait for season 23 to start—which will probably be sometime in 2019.

This romantic reality TV series might not be doing your love life nor your mental health any good, however.

Here are some reasons that might have you rethinking what to watch on your Monday nights.

Anxiety About Intimacy

Contestants on The Bachelor will always be in fear of whether they are "rose" worthy. Instilling fear that creates anxiety, which then can leave someone feeling self-conscious and uncomfortable in their own skin.

This can give a bad message, or worse, leave people with the same anxiousness about their own relationships. The idea that you have to emotionally lay everything out on the table, while also staying composed and well-put sets a high standard for women going out on their first date. Worried about judgement from just one impression can leave someone with anxiousness.

Dealing with this anxiety impacts more than your love life. It can leave you anxious about going out in general, forcing you to avoid these situations as best you can so as to distance yourself from judgement.

"All anxiety is a distraction that limits sexual success," says Laurel Steinberg, a love and relationship therapist. Anxiety can affect your overall health, and doesn't do any good to your love life.


Unrealistic Expectations of a Relationship

Not only might the show set an unrealistic expectation for a relationship, but people are given limited amount of time to interact with one another, make a connection, and by the end, be engage or in love with someone. We get it, dating is hard, but this doesn't make it any easier.

Lavish dates and extravagant locations set the bar pretty high for reality, creating standards and expectations no one can live up to. This makes disappointment all the more plausible, especially when you don't experience the fairytale romance portrayed in the series.

Don't let it affect your relationship or real life dating situations.

Unrealistic Dating Time Frame

Dating takes time, patients and some courage. Watching a show like The Bachelor might imply that dating and falling in love can be done with short interactions in a small amount of time. This, again, adding anxiety and pressure on how to act in a new relationship or at the beginning of dating.

According to a health report published by the Kaiser Family Foundation, "[Scheming], backbiting, betrayal, and callousness are often portrayed as ways to get ahead in the world of reality television. Some critics contend that the overall message communicated is that these negative relationship strategies are not only common but acceptable."


Things to Keep in Mind

We get The Bachelor can be more of a guilty pleasure than a reliable therapy session, but it's important to remember reality TV doesn't reflect reality. Put your health before the final rose.

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