5 Places You Can Buy Jeans for the Right Fit and Price

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Blue jeans, baby!

Jeans for the Right Price and Fit

We've all had our share of thigh tears on what you thought were your favorite pair of jeans. What hurts more is you invested your money on them hoping they wouldn't fall apart at the seams. Why suffer anymore?

I've bought jeans from pretty much everywhere, and have dropped some serious money on what I thought would be the perfect pair of pants. On my journey to find the perfect match, I collected favorite locations where the jeans hug just right and the price doesn't leave me with buyer's remorse.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with investing in yourself, but it's always a great idea to do some smart shopping. Once you've found your happily ever after pair of jeans, love them right and they will give you your moneys worth.

1. American Eagle

Now let me just say, this has to be my favorite place to buy jeans. The price is right and the fits they offer are amazing. I've bought several pairs of the same jean just to show my gratitude. What I love most about buying jeans here, is that they fit well for any body and have options that aren't so "youthful." My mom—who is rocking 50—also loves buying jeans from here.

Here are some options:

2. Urban Outfitters

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Buy them from Urban Outfitters here!

Urban Outfitters has so many fits for a great price. I stumbled upon their jeans on my journey to the perfect pair, and I had to add them to my list of favorite places.

3. Target

Now don't look away just yet, Target will surprise you. Some of the jeans that have lasted me the longest have been from Target and I have to say, I love them. Target has really expanded on their fashion lines and I'm here for it. You can't beat the prices, and for a solid pair of jeans that look good? It's a match made in denim heaven.

Here are some options:

4. GAP


Buy them from GAP here!

Getting down to specifics, my favorite pair of jeans to buy from GAP are their black jeans. Call it what you want, but I know what I want in my jeans. Again the fit is great and the price does not make me cringe.

5. Express

Last on the list, but certainly not least, is Express. This option is a little bit on the pricey side, but still reasonable for a great pair of jeans. A wide variety of styles and sizes, treat these jeans right and they'll never let you down.

Editor's note: their sales are amazing and it's usually when I buy my jeans.

Here are some options:

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