12 Polar Vortex Instagram Captions for Those Below Zero Days

A scene from the movie \A Christmas Story.\

Better bundle up!

Chill Out With These Polar Vortex Instagram Captions

A snow day is one thing, but a polar vortex takes it to a new level.

No work and no school, most of the Midwest and East Coast are getting hit hard with freezing temperatures. And with freezing temperatures comes cool icy photos.

Cities like Chicago and Milwaukee were hit with temperatures below 15 degrees.

Show off your covered drive ways and roof icicles with these polar vortex Instagram captions.

  • "Up to snow good." -Unknown

  • "Hot chocolate kind of weather." -Unknown

  • "Stay cozy." -Unknown

  • "Stay in bed kind of weather." -Unknown

  • "Winter is coming." -Game of Thrones

  • "Snow gear time." -Unknown

  • "Have an ice day!" -Unknown

  • "White lips, pale face, breathing in the snowflakes." -Ed Sheeran

  • "Bring out the snow boots and fuzzy socks." -Unknown

  • "The snow is no joke." -Unknown

  • "The cold never bothered me anyway." -Frozen

  • "Stay cozy my friends." -Unknown

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