10 Sexy Playboy Bunny Instagram Captions

Scene from the movie House Bunny.
Via Columbia Pictures

Playmate-worthy captions!

Halloween season allows everyone to dress up and pretend they are someone else for the day. But who says you have to dress up as something scary?

Planning on dressing up as an iconic Playboy Bunny? Well, we've got the perfect Instagram captions for your post.

Scroll down our list of captions to see which one fits your post best.

Playboy Bunny Instagram Captions

  • "I dont play, boy, I ain't Hugh Hefner." -Unknown

  • "Just your average bunny." -Unknown

  • "My best pick-up line is 'My name is Hugh Hefner.'" -Hugh Hefner

  • "The Playboy Life." -Unknown

  • "Not your average bunny." -Unknown

  • "I know looks aren't everything, but I have them just in case." -Unknown

  • "Hoppy Halloween." *-Unknown

  • "Hopping into Halloween like..." -Unknown

  • "Playmate of the year." -Unknown

  • "Bunny at play." -Unknown

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