These 5 Characters Accurately Depict OCD in Movies

Scene from the movie The Aviator.
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A look at OCD in films.

Along with many other mental illnesses, OCD isn't often showcased in popular films and TV series.

Though it affects one in 40 adults and one in 100 children in the U.S., it's rarely ever talked about in the media.

That being said, there have been a handful of movies that have dared to depict the disorder as accurately as possible.

Scroll down and see which flicks got it right with their portrayals of OCD.

1. The Aviator

Leonardo DiCaprio stars in this film based on the life of Howard Hughes. DiCaprio plays Hughes, a billionaire and an aviator mogul who lives with OCD.

From ordering his steak a certain way and always asking for a sealed glass of milk, OCD takes a hold of Hughes life, eventually shielding him off from society.

2. Rain Man

In the film, Tom Cruise plays Charlie Babbitt—a man who discovers he has an older brother named Raymond, played by Dustin Hoffman.

Raymond is autistic and also has OCD. Charlie and Raymond travel across country, bringing the brothers close together. Raymond's OCD almost drives the brothers apart due to the severity of it.

3. Turner and Hooch

Tom Hanks plays Detective Scott Turner, a very organized and by-the-book cop.

After his friend dies, he inherits his dog Hooch. He then has to figure out how he can keep his habits while also taking care of a dog.

4. As Good as It Gets

In this film the character, Melvin Udall (Jack Nicholson) suffers from OCD. The character struggles with contamination obsession and superstitious compulsions.

Udall is a fiction writer, who doesn't get a long with much people. Throughout the film he starts to loosen his way when he develops a friendship with his neighbor.

5. Matchstick Men

Nicholas Cage plays Roy Waller, a con artist who has OCD. His life starts to change when his partner's daughter comes to live with him.

Waller also deals with agoraphobia and paranoia compulsions in one of the most honest depictions we've seen on-screen.

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