6 Gifts Perfect for the Midwesterner Who Loves to Cook

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What's cookin'?

Midwestern Cooking Gift Guide

Home-cooked meals are the best, especially around the holiday season.

The chef in the family needs the perfect gift this season and we've got you covered.

Have an aspiring chef in your life or someone who just loves a home-cooked Midwestern dish? From the best knives to the perfect pie mold, there are plenty of choices that will make the chef in your life happy.

A cook never has too many of anything especially when they are cooking for the family. These are a perfect excuse to have more home cooked Midwestern dishes!

1. Pie Pan

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Every midwestern chef needs to have a good pie pan in order to bake up the best pies. This one will do just the trick.

2. Crock Pot

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A good crock pot can do wonders! A great for those Midwestern chef's who have mastered the perfect stew recipe.

3. Cast-Iron Dutch Oven

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Cast-Iron Dutch oven is perfect for those slow cooked recipes and every cook needs one of these.

4. Cast-Iron Skillet

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Can't have Midwestern cooking without a good iron skillet!

5. Rectangular Baking Dish

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Can't make a delicious casserole without the perfect casserole baking dish and this one is perfect!

6. Cast-Iron Grill

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Midwesterners know bad weather and good BBQ. This cast-iron grill is a perfect gift for a Midwestern chef, indoor grilling when the weather is bad is a perfect opportunity.

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