8 Reasons Why Lunapads Are a Necessary Purchase

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Here's what you need to know about them.

Lunapads are reusable pads that are made from organic cotton.

They were founded on the base of trying to help the environment while also giving women a positive experience with their period.

So why are Lunapads such a necessary purchase?Β Below are eight reasons you should add them to your monthly period routine.

1. They're Good for You

Women may suffer from itching, rashes or sometimes even infection because of their tampon or pad.

"You are bound to get rashes under conditions as the skin is irritated by the remaining menstrual flow and any sweat on sanitary pads that has not been absorbed."

Lunapads are made of 100% cotton cloth, unlike other sanitary pads that have more chemicals.

2. Lunapads Save You Money

Tampons and pads are not cheap. The average woman spends $120 a year on pads and tampons, according to Grounds Well.

Lunapads sells a deluxe kit that includes eight reusable pads with 16 inserts for $155, but each pad is said to last you three to five years.

3. You're Helping the Environment

According to Lunapads, over 10 billion pads and tampons end up in landfills in North America. One Lunapad would replace 120 disposable pads.

The manufacturing that goes into making disposable pads and tampons also affects the environment. Most pads and tampons are made from non-organic cotton, rayon, and viscose rayon. Viscose is mostly made from wood pulp.

4. They're Comfortable to Wear

Lunapads are said to be very comfortable, absorbent, and leakproof. Another plus side to Lunapads is they're breathable, so you wont have to deal with built up sweat or worry about irritation.

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5. They Help You Become One With Your Body

Wearing pads or tampons can sometimes make you feel uncomfortable within your own skin. Lunapads offer a more natural option, while also keeping you perfectly clean.

"The culture of concealment surrounding menstruation has influenced women to feel ashamed about their bodies," according to an article by Tree Hugger.

6. They Support Ethical Companies

Lunapads supports the program Pads4Girls, which helps girls who have no access to sanitary pads and providing them with reusable pads.

They also teach young girls about menstrual and reproductive health in areas like Africa and parts of Asia, where young girls who don't have access to pads.

7. They're Easy Maintenance

Reusable Lunapads are easy to keep clean. According to their website, you can machine wash and dry them like you would with any of your clothes.

You also have the options to hand wash your Lunapad. It says it recommends for your to soak it in cold water before washing, but it's not necessary.

8. They're Beautifully Designed

Unlike the disposable pads or tampons, Lunapads come in a variety of colors and designs.

From a purple mermaid design to a black and pink llama design, Lunapad gives a wide range of choices. They also sell underwear, which comes in boxer briefs, bikini, hipster, and brief styles.

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