6 Must-Have Items to Stay Organized in 2019

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Let's get organized!

Must-Have Items to Get Organized in the New Year

Going into the new year with a new resolution to get organized? Sticking to this can be hard if you don't have the right tools to keep you on track. We gathered the tools you need to stay on track and stick to your resolution.

Whether it's being more organized in the office or with day-to-day plans, helpful tools like a planner or desk calendar can be simple reminders. Don't let this New Year's resolution be anything like the year before and really follow through.

1. Daily Planner

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A daily planner is very essential in staying organized and can be key in sticking to your resolution. You can have one for work to keep in the office and have one for personal events and appointments.

Other planners you might like:

2. Desk Calendar

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It's always good to have a constant reminder on your desk of important events or dates.

Other helpful tools you might need:

3. Pill Organizer

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Stop making excuses about taking your vitamins or forgetting to take medication. This 7-day pill organizer will keep you on track.

4. Rolling Storage Bins

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Having trouble organizing clothes or don't have enough space? These rolling bins are compact enough to roll under your bed and allow enough storage for your things.

5. Hanging Shoe Rack

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If you have the bad habit of kicking your shoes under your bed or letting them pile up, this will help you get your shoes organized in no time.

Other helpful tools to keep your closet organized:

6. Bed Butler

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The bed butler will really help you declutter your night stand and keep your bed side essentials at arm's reach.

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