Michigan Slang - It's A Thing. Do You Know These 21 "Typical" MI Things?

Not all Michiganders are the same, but...

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 Apr 09, 2019
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Question: 1/21Choose Your Answer!

What’s considered the cure for everything… or at least for a stomach ache?
Cherry Soda

Question: 2/21Choose Your Answer!

“Can we swing by _____ on the way home? I need to pick up some groceries.”

Question: 3/21Choose Your Answer!

Remembering all those Great Lakes is easy if you know the acronym. Its:

Question: 4/21Choose Your Answer!

When it’s time for a Michigander to vacation, where do you go?
Up North!
Down South!
Out West!

Question: 5/21Choose Your Answer!

If someone’s talking about fudgies, they just mean:
Summer time tourists
Fudge shop workers

Question: 6/21Choose Your Answer!

It's not always necessary to head to the gym during the winter... You might get a great workout from:
Defrosting you car
Starting the fireplace
Shoveling snow

Question: 7/21Choose Your Answer!

Around here, Halloween costumes work best if you can find a way to work a _______ into them:
Heavy coat
Rain boots

Question: 8/21Choose Your Answer!

Any Michigander will tell you that dodging ridiculously huge ______ could be considered an extreme sport.
Speed bumps

Question: 9/21Choose Your Answer!

Books might tell you that Michigan’s state bird is the xx, but you know it’s actually the:
Bumble Bee

Question: 10/21Choose Your Answer!

Pasties are __.
What you wear if you don't want to wear a bra
Small, delicious meat pies. Also, it's pAHsties.

Question: 11/21Choose Your Answer!

You’re either a _____ or a ______ fan. You just cannot be both.
x, x
x, x
Wolverines, Spartans

Question: 12/21Choose Your Answer!

But you guys CAN agree that _____ is the worst. The absolute worst.
University of Kansas
Ohio State
University of Nebraska

Question: 13/21Choose Your Answer!

It’s kind of like nails on a chalkboard when you hear someone pronounce it:
Mec - i - nack
Mac - i - nack
Mack - i - naw

Question: 14/21Choose Your Answer!

Where does Michigan fall on the whole pop/soda debate?
Neither! We say cola.
It’s always going to be soda!
We call it pop!

Question: 15/21Choose Your Answer!

What on Earth is a Yooper?
That’s what we call tourists
Anyone who lives in the Upper Peninsula
Someone whooping it up at a Wolverines game

Question: 16/21Choose Your Answer!

Ok so if you don’t live in the U.P., that means you live *beneath* the Mackinac bridge, making you a:

Question: 17/21Choose Your Answer!

It’s a not a sliding door, it’s a _______. It’s a Michigan thing.
Wall slide
Door wall
Door slide

Question: 18/21Choose Your Answer!

“Let’s play Euchre. I even brought ____ with me!”

Question: 19/21Choose Your Answer!

On Fridays, we:
Spaghetti Shindig
Pizza party
Fish fry

Question: 20/21Choose Your Answer!

You can practically consider which of these days a state holiday?
National Ice Cream Day
Last day of duck hunting season
First day of deer hunting season

Question: 21/21Choose Your Answer!

You’re so lucky to call the _______ State home. There’s seriously nowhere else quite like Michigan.
Show Me
Great Lake
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