Mississippi Lingo - It's A Thing. How Many Of These Words Do You Know?

Are you really sure you’re a local?

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 Jan 22, 2019
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Which unlikely sweet and sour combination is pretty common in these parts?
Kool-aid and pickles (Koolickles)
Vinegar and and frosting (Vinosting)
Lemon and chocolate (Chocomon)

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If your friend’s eating some “nabs,” what are they snacking on?
Peanut butter crackers
Cheese puffs
Sweet potato chips

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What’s the annual football game called that pits Ole Miss against MSU?
The Bread Bowl
The Egg Bowl
The Bacon Bowl

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Which of these burgers is a Mississippi staple?
Rice burgers
Luther burgers

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If you’re “being treated like a red-headed step child,” you’re being:
Treated poorly
Given special treatment

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Which of these root beer brands started in Mississippi?

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If your aunt says “give me some sugar, honey,” what does she want?
A handshake
A kiss
A slice of cake

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People can thank MS for their clothes, since the state produces so much:

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How much trouble are you in if you’re in “a heap of trouble”?
Just a little bit of trouble
This is slang for going to prison
A whole lot of trouble

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What does “a coke” refer to?
Any kind of soda
A diet soda
Specifically a coke

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What ingredients are typically in “Comeback Sauce?”
Worcestershire sauce and relish
Horseradish and jalapenos
Mayo and chili sauce

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Which of these celebrities is known to be from Mississippi?
Katy Perry
Miley Cyrus

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Which drugstore/tourist attraction has been open in Jackson since 1946?
Brent’s Soda Fountain
Sally’s Pop Machine
Jared’s Drugstore

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Which famous singer was born in Tupelo, Mississippi?
Johnny Cash
Elvis Presley
Bob Dylan

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Which beverage do you sometimes enjoy putting your peanuts in?
Sweet tea

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It sounds weird, but you might see someone eating a banana and _________ sandwich.

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If someone's taking a long time, you'd say they're slow as __________.

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French fries are good, but what other fried vegetable is a southern staple?

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Which type of music originated in the Mississippi Delta?

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What are Ole Miss fans known to scream at sporting events?
Hotty Toddy!
Get after it!
Jug of war!

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No matter where you go, you'll always be proud to call the _______ State your home!
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