Michigan Lingo - It's A Thing. How Many Of These Words Do You Know?

Can you ace this Pure Michigan quiz?

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 Aug 30, 2018
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How do you pronounce Mackinac?

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What’s Michigan’s advertising slogan?
Pure Michigan
Sparkling Michigan
Endlessly Michigan

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Which popular drink is known as “the Cure for Everything”?
Apple Cider
Cherry Republic

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Which United States president grew up in MI?
John F. Kennedy
Harry S. Truman
Gerald Ford

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There’s a an intense rivalry between which two universities?
Oakland University and Ferris State University
University of Michigan and Michigan State University
University of Michigan and Western Michigan University

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Lots of people consider the first day of which season to be an unofficial holiday?
Squirrel Catching Season
Deer Hunting Season
Ice Fishing Season

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You often have to be on the lookout for which animal jumping out in front of your car?

Question: 8/23Choose your answer!

What do Michiganders call tourists?

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You’ve had to wear this on a fair number of Halloweens:
Top hat
Winter coat

Question: 10/23Choose your answer!

Out-of-state drivers need some time to adjust to the __________.
Michigan U-ey
Yooper Right
Michigan Left

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The iconic car company, Ford, started in which Michigan city?
Ann Arbor
Grand Rapids

Question: 12/23Choose your answer!

There’s a good chance you enjoyed which tricolor ice cream as a kid?
Green Lantern ice cream
Superman ice cream
Captain America Ice cream

Question: 13/23Choose your answer!

Which card game do you probably know how to play pretty well?
Gin rummy
Egyptian Ratscrew

Question: 14/23Choose your answer!

What tasty dish can you expect to get near the lakes?
Fried fish
Bison burgers
Rocky Mountain Oysters

Question: 15/23Choose your answer!

What do you call soft drinks?
RC Cola

Question: 16/23Choose your answer!

What's another term you use for sneakers?
Tennis shoes
Golf brogues
Telly shoes

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Which of these is kind of like a delicious homemade hot pocket popular in MI?

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Someone who lives in the upper peninsula is called:
A slooper
A yooper
An uppity

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But how do those upper peninsula dwellers refer to anyone below the bridge?

Question: 20/23Choose your answer!

What's the most Michigan way to explain to another citizen where you live in the state?
Use your hand as a map
City Distances
Cardinal Directions

Question: 21/23Choose your answer!

What’s the capital of Michigan?
Ann Arbor

Question: 22/23Choose your answer!

Who do Michiganders have a particularly intense rivalry with?
The Nebraska Huskers
The Iowa Hawkeyes
The Ohio Buckeyes

Question: 23/23Choose your answer!

Lay's Potato Chips are good, but _______ are even better!
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