Massachusetts Lingo - It's A Thing. How Many Words Do You Know?

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Calling all Massholes. You have permission to flip the bird if you don’t pass.

If you're a born and bred native—or an aficionado—of The Bay State, take this quiz to see how well you know these slang terms!

 Aug 24, 2018
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Mass is the only state to celebrate which holiday?
Evacuation Day
Emergency Day
Exuberance Day
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If someone says “they couldn’t get it past the green monster” what do they mean?
The rumored monster at Lake Onota
It’s hard to hit a homerun out of left field at Fenway Park
Your tax guy
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Which curse plagued the Red Sox?
The Curse of Rocky Colavito
The Curse of the Billy Goat
The Curse of the Bambino
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If you want chocolate sprinkles on your ice cream, what do you say?
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Which sports team do you hate with all your guts?
The Orioles
The Yankees
The Blue Jays
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Massachusetts is famous for growing which berry?
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Growing up, you always heard the story about which famous female murderer?
Jane Toppan
Lizzie Bordon
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Which coffee chain was founded in Massachusetts?
Caribou Coffee
Dunkin' Donuts
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Where do you buy your liquor?
A mickie
A packie
A sudsie
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Rightfully so, you've got a ton of pride for which NFL team?
The New England Patriots
The Washington Redskins
The Philadelphia Eagles
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Really being from MA, how would pronounce the city "Amherst"?
Am-erst (no h noise)
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“The Cape” refers to which cape?
Cape Canaveral
Cape Ann
Cape Cod
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You’d best not ask for which ingredient in your chowder?
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If you order a regular coffee in Mass, you’ll get:
A black coffee
A small coffee
A coffee with cream and sugar
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What’s another word you use for trash can?
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What word has been used to describe bad MA drivers?
Massters of bad driving
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Finish the sentence: “Lynn, Lynn, the City of ______.”
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True or false: Natives aren’t a fan of calling Boston “Beantown”?
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