ONLY Locals Can Score 15/17 on This Pennsylvania Lingo Quiz. Can You?

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Think you've got what it takes to PAss?

Put your Pennsylvania knowledge to the test with this fun and challenging 17 question PA lingo quiz.

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Calling all Pennsylvania locals! Here is your official chance to prove to yourself and all other PA friends and family that you are the real deal... A PA local who knows ALL the crazy lingo, and then some. One seventeen-question quiz might not sound like that big of a challenge, or the end-all be-all of Pennsylvania trivia. But we're not talking about historical events and sites. Any history book could tell you all of that. We're talking about all the slang and lingo that take place in the daily lives of real PA locals! With a population of nearly thirteen million unique Pennsylvanians, that really adds up faster than you think. It's no small task to stay up to date on all of it, but when you're a true PA local, it comes to you more naturally than any out-of-stater could ever hope! Before you invest your time into taking this entire seventeen-question quiz, let us throw out some common PA slang to see if it rings any (liberty) bell for you (Ha, ha, hope you enjoyed the pun). For starters, let's throw out terrible towels, Nittany Lions, cheesesteaks, youse and yinz, Hersey's, scrapple, Yuengling (and how it's pronounced), and of course, Reading (and how it's pronounced). If any of this slang sounded unfamiliar to you, you better do some research, because you don't stand a chance of scoring 17/17 if you don't know the basics. Don't sweat it though... if Pennsylvania is not your area of expertise, still has a wide array of fun quizzes for you to flex your brain muscles on. So go ahead, get started and enjoy the break from your hectic day. Good luck!

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