How To Throw A Virtual Bachelorette Party

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Tips and Tricks to Throw a Great Virtual Bachelorette Party

Covid-19 has certainly interrupted life as we know it. Depending on what you had planned for spring/summer 2020, the level of disruption varies. However, the world keeps spinning and your life carries on, whether you’ve completely accepted this new virtual world or not. With social distancing you can’t give your friend the exact bachelorette party you originally had planned, but you can still give the bride-to-be an amazing time, filled with drinking games, all the phallic items, and of course, the most important part — all of her closest friends. So let’s get rolling: here is all the inspiration you need to throw your first virtual bachelorette party!

Contact the Group

First things first, contact everyone and update them on the new plans, plus get their availability. The bride will still appreciate turning up to an already planned party, even if it is virtual, instead of in Las Vegas (insert any destination that is not her living room). Then coordinate, coordinate, coordinate. You can still bring out the matching pajamas you already ordered, wear the black bridesmaids shirts you planned, or simply get all dolled up for the crazy evening you would have been going out for. It’ll be fun for all of you and the bride to pretend you’re going out for a wild night at the bars… just like old times! Attendees can sip whatever they have on hand, or you can all coordinate a specific type of cocktail or even DIY cocktail kits. With a good drink in hand, your group is already off to a great start. You can also avoid any awkward silences (which can come with the territory of virtual meet-ups) by making a collaborative Spotify playlist in advance. With some of her favorite jams playing in the background, how could the bride be having a bad time?

Plan Activities

Now, you might be wondering what kind of trouble you can get up to at your virtual bachelorette party… You’ve got tons of options to choose from depending on what your group would like to do. Coordinate a DIY craft to all do and order the supplies well in advance (like tie-dying, cookie decorating, succulent planting). Pick a recipe for everyone to cook together so that everyone can have the ingredients on hand and ready to go. One idea it to all make your own pizza that you otherwise would have been getting delivered after a long night out.

Decide on Games to Play

Sleepover games like Truth or Dare, Never Have I Ever, Drink If, and Charades are great options since they require little set-up and supplies. Also, the classic “How Well Do You Know The Bride?” game transfers to a virtual bachelorette party easily. Just have the bride write out a dozen questions, ask them to the group and then go around sharing answers, before she ultimately reveals the correct one… laughter and fun then ensues. You can even hire a cam guy to do a strip tease, or enlist any brave male quarantine buddies to do the job.

Make a General Timeline

Lastly, don’t forget to schedule some breaks into the evening plans! No one wants to miss out on any hilarious stories or games because they’re dashing off for a refill or trekking to the bathroom. If you’ve got a long night of eating, drinking and merry-making, odds are the group’s going to need some breaks. Having a general plan of when you’re going to do certain activities (make drinks, stop for dinner, tell favorite stories about the bride, etc.) should include a few five-minute breaks for the group. And having a general outline will avoid any awkward lulls in the evening!

Have an Amazing Time!

Feeling more confident about hosting a bachelorette party now? The main takeaway here is that as long as you’re (virtually) there, trying to have a good time with a bunch of friends, the bride is still going to have a blast! In these weird times, we can still rely on each other and that’s what matters. So get out there and throw your first virtual bachelorette party!