No It’s Not Gibberish - It’s Chicago Speak! How Many Words Do YOU Know?

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Not all Chicagoans are the same, but...

Fond memories of living or growing up in Chicago? This quiz will take you right back to the Windy City, with all it's slang, food and iconic spots.

 Apr 26, 2019

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Technically, it's the Willis Tower now, but to you it'll always be the:
Guaranteed Rate Tower
Sears Tower
Hancock Tower

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Only in Chicago does the "L" refer to the:

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Chicagoans tend to switch out the "th" noise in "the" for what other noise?

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Want to get Lou Malnati's later?
No, I'm a Giordano's person.
No, I'm a Fragnoli's person.
No, I'm a Casey's person.

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Guaranteed Rate Field? Long name, but I'll put up with it to see my beloved ______ play!
White Sox!

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But if you're not a White Sox fan, then you'll be heading where to catch a Cubs game?
Too easy, it’s Wrigley!
Seriously, that’s _____.
C’mon, that’d be Soldier Field.

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But do you know what redline stop you get off at to catch a cubs game?

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Obviously the Chicago Crosstown Classic refers to what?
The rivalry between Lou Malnati’s and Giordano’s
The rivalry between the Sox and the Cubs
The annual Chicago marathon

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Any Chicago native would say which beer is iconic to the city?
Bud Light! Have to have it when I’m in the city.
Pabst Old Style! Oh, the memories.
Heineken! Takes me right back!

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You take the S out of Illinois, and tend to add it to the end of what word?
CVS, I’m stopping by CVS’s later.
Jewel, I’m stopping by Jewel’s later.
Train, I’m taking the trains later.

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God forbid you put which of these toppings on a Chicago dog?
Chopped white onions

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What animals stand guard in front of the Art Institute of Chicago?

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She was probably innocent, but who took the blame for the Great Chicago Fire in 1871?
Mrs. O’Leary’s cow
Mrs. O’Flannigan’s cat
Mrs. O’Grady’s dog

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Other people call it a "living room" but Chicagoans know it as a:
Gathering room
Garage room
Front room

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It's not until they see them that out-of-staters are convinced Chicago actually has pretty nice ______.
Public Restrooms
Winter Weather

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Yeah it's true, ______ has a free-admission zoo. Pretty cool!
River North
Lincoln Park
Old Town

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What's that brand of popcorn you always buy to take to out-of-state friends and family?
Garrett Popcorn. The caramel/cheddar mix is a must.
Cubbies Popcorn. Jalapeno cheddar!!
Addison Popcorn. Cinnamon swirl, yes!

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Which pizza is iconically known as THE Chicago pizza?
Cheese-less, you’d be surprised how good it is!
Deep dish, and yes you’ll need a knife and fork
Stuffed crust! So. Much. Cheese.

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Leave the ________? No way! I love Chicago way too much to leave.
Big Easy
City That Never Sleeps
Windy City
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