Why We Need To Stop Using The Term “Beach Body”

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Every body is a beach body.

A lot has been said about the term beach body of late— and the truth is, it's long overdue.

For years we've accepted that every year we'll be inundated with calls to get our ‘beach body' ready. January basically means seeing signs screaming, "You know all of that horrible crap you ate over the holidays, you dumb, lazy, idiot? Time to punish yourself for it!". And it works.

The amount of people I know who have had January be on entire month of restriction and mea culpas in unbelievable. And after January, it only gets worse. Spring means ‘beach body' season is really here. This sense of urgency, this last ditch effort to do something extreme to look a certain way in a swimsuit, is incredibly destructive.

Luckily, as a society we're starting to move away from this rhetoric. In London there was huge outrage over a Beach Body ads that appeared in tube stations— and there was enough of a fuss made that that the ads were taken down.

And you can see why people get angry. Because we've been putting up with it for far too long— so here's why it's time to say goodbye.

Every Body Is A Beach Body


You've heard this argument before, but it's true— and worth reinstating. Everyone, no matter what your body looks like, is allowed to go to the damn beach. They're allowed to put on a bathing suit and have an amazing damn time. They're allowed to enjoy every minute of it. End of story.

It Encourages Unhealthy Behavior


Like I said, there's the intense sense of urgency. You have to get your beach body now. NOW. Before it's too late! It encourages taking drastic measures— crash dieting, even starving yourself, to lose weight as fast as you can before you have to be in a bikini.

There Is Not Only One Attractive Body Type


Now, even though it shouldn't matter whether or not you're attracted to someone (everyone is allowed to enjoy the beach, no matter what they look like or what you think about how they look), it's important to remember that not everyone is attracted to the same body type. The beach body rhetoric makes it sound like there's only one body type that everyone should strive to achieve, that is deemed worthy and attractive. Bullsh*t. There are so many different looks and bodies that are attractive— and pretending that there's only one mold to fit is incredibly damaging.

For so long, we've lead the tyranny of ‘beach bodies' affect how we feel about ourself, to completely dominated every January through August. We obsess, we worry, we agonize over what we're going to look like in our bikinis. We talk to our friends, we crash diet, and we do ourselves a huge disservice. It's time to let go of it all. It's time to recognize that every body is worthy. And it's time to enjoy the frigging beach.

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